ffxiii-2 spoilers, eye contact 

me walking into yaschas massif: damn who's the pretty one

adult hope: *speaks*

me: ...goddamnit why is he hot now, who okay'd this, I want a name

me: I changed my mind, FFXIII-2 is the worst, it's badly designed and the pacing is garbage

also me: forgot to pay attention to the cutscene and went to the wrong time period again, huh?


Made this for a mutual on :birdsite:​ but it sums up my feelings about the FF7 remake pretty well I think

I've been playing this game for 20 hours already and I love all my FFXIII children:

Broody McWeathername, Actual Sunshine, Ultralesbian, Kurt Co-manpain, Daddy (but like, actually), Future Redditor...

So I realize the Saturday stream getting canceled isn't news (they're about to bury our fiber line) but today I have an excellent alternative: we'll be hosting the hotgamercollective charity stream


(Honestly I was gonna give the OW event a miss but then they went all Serpentor with my old main and now I'm considering it)

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It's probably because I'm just an old queer but, like, Axel's new design can Get It okay

tfw you realize you've accidentally created your friend's old PUBG character in @AKAHayling

Genuinely considering streaming a 30-year-old game because Starflight somehow holds up all these years later

critical role live show outfit reveal 

Marisha Ray has become entirely too powerful and I am here for it

Darksiders III is an extremely pretty game and I don't want it to be over

Tempted to add Shadowrun: Dragonfall to the streaming schedule just for Big Gay Troll Drama but I honestly don't know how watchable the rest would be...

Bad news: power's still out

Good news: house looks like a cult hideout in a D&D game

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