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I stream from a stone world with no trees and am gradually collecting the resources to transform it into a verdant paradise!

I stream weekdays at 1400 BST / 0900 ET with voice, and sundry other time without.

and I'm working on a youtube for it

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Hi, I'm Joh

Like tarot/magic, MATHS/science, trees, the technicalities of minecraft, lojban, clothes

Sometimes anxious and depressed, often obssessive. Feels like I'm interested in everything but can't cope with any of it. (autistic)

Normally I drive a van and deliver stock for charity shops (not working atm, but thankfully still getting payed)

food, morality, joke 

it's not a sin to eat half a medium pizza if i choose to eat half a medium pizza when i want half a medium pizza

let me show you the single comment I, a 1337 programmer, have deigned to include in the code of the increasingly abstract program I'm writing right now 

\\TODO better

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So I have this glass measuring jug and it's really disconcerting. Any time I put boiling water into it – TING! – a couple of cracks appear. But then if I leave it for a while, the cracks magically* disappear again.

*Actually caused by solid state diffusion and not actual magic. Assuming this is some kind of self-healing glass. Because if it's not, it may be actual magic.

re: video game death & funeral 

The funeral went well!

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video game death & funeral 

I'm sorry to anounce that Fleshy, my first villager, died tragicly yesterday.

Fleshy's funeral will be held today at 1400 BST / 0900 ET

All are welcome to attend. All are welcome to boost.

Fleshy I'm so sorry.

Stoneworld #minecraft, negative 

something terrible has happened

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If Estus Flasks were real, what real substance would be inside them?

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found these abandoned steps in the forest on our walk today

they've been abandoned so long the trees are starting to reclaim them

For me, today is a day of checking in with people.

So, how are you feeling? What's your day like?

(Open to replies from anyone)

If anybody's interested, I've clipped it up. This is me getting the first tree in the stone world

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caps, excited babble 

I bought a sampling off of a wandering trader!

Everything has been building to this!

I converted zombie villagers for this! Raided nether fortresses for this! Ate rotten flesh for this!

Nothing can stop me! the world will turn green! The stone world will rustle with the sounds of leaves and the spit of llamas! I HAVE WROUGHT LIFE FROM STONE!!!

sorry, this is a big thing for me

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you know our society sucks when it makes boys afraid to wear crop tops in public

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All I'm saying is, maybe if we're writing sci-fi and fantasy where the only limit is our own imaginations, maybe we can do slightly better than always dragging everything back to the same 20th century mindset of colonialists, wars, and stories focussed on white guys.

And if we annoy a few dudebros in the process, I consider that a bonus.

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I've reached a new level (for me) of emersion in .

I went exploring the stone world a few days ago. I was filling a map and just vibing with the environment. I began to realise how much I think of the stone world as mine to use as I see fit, and that just started to feel wrong...

I've began to question my whole purpose in the world. Who am I to say that it's wrong for the world to be stone and lifeless? Is it up to me what state of the world is more 'natural'? No...

i'm conflicted

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