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One thing I learned as a moderator was to spot entitled people who think everything is about them, and rules don't apply because they're somehow special. Not that they're hard to spot.

Long ago I wrote in a blog post that using certain tools is like trying to draw with a blunt pen on rough paper that tears easily.

These days I think about that every time I use Javascript.

New link roundup, with a mix of links about game engines, hardware, tabletop RPGs and more:

The DOS Games Jam has started! This is a casual, unranked jam for creating games that would fit in with the games released for DOS. Tabletop games and zines inspired by games from that era are welcome too! The page also lists tools for creating DOS games

In related news, I was praised again for how readable my (Python) code is.

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there is a good amount of shitty things in today's culture that come from people not learning to respect someone's No.

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Just made a new release of OutNoted, after several months. Version 1.3.1 fixes a few issues related to the cut / copy commands

I am speaking Sunday 31-07-20222 online 6:00 pm–6:30 pm (Central European time - I’m in Germany , I think it’s 12 on east coast?) at Narrascope about Fantasy Filing Systems: folder poetry, adventures in the shell, BashCrawl, pseudo-MUDs, games and stories inside dialog boxes and form-builders, etc. It will be streamed and also available as a video afterwards

Full schedule and info on the conference

#Microsoft has been trying this for the past three decades. UEFI didn't manage to lock alternative operating systems out of the hardware originally designed for Windows like they intended, so they need to come up with something new. That's the whole purpose of Microsoft #Pluton.

All the talk about increased security is just marketing bullshit intended to gaslight users. It's quite uncommon for malware nowadays to overwrite the MBR, and hypervisor-like isolation of user-space code can also be achieved in the OS layer without locking up the hardware. The simple truth is that Microsoft wants its monopoly back and it wants to do it by kicking any potential competitors out of hardware designed for Windows, whatever it takes.

Microsoft deserves to burn in a ball of fire and leave no traces behind. I'm sick of their continuous arrogant attempts of establishing an absolute monopoly out of market share weight, not out of merit. Weren't they supposed to focus on that stinky pile of crap that is Azure, and finally leave non-cloud users in peace?

This is yet one more argument in support of open hardware, and in support of hardware manufacturers that don't ship solutions with Windows pre-installed.

Open source developers stop defending problematic language challenge 2022.

Open source developers stop engaging in cultural appropriation challenge 2022.

I just made my site's homepage a little bit more accessible, after thinking to test in a browser actually made for blind people, called edbrowse. Turns out even Lynx is a lot more forgiving.

british people will make fun of french spelling and then turn around and go "yeah that's pronounced lester"

Pro tip: people make mistakes. It's how we can learn and adapt. Any design that ignores this simple fact of life is fundamentally broken.

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Wrote a capsule review of the Fossil version control system, that touches on adjacent subjects:

sometimes i feel like capitalism actively makes us afraid to ask each other money and to give each other money because it would diminish money's power as a tool for oppression

It's a way that ableism sneaks into the conversation, hitching a ride on the cold war propaganda for one side and prosperity doctrine for another. If it makes life easier, possible, for a few people then it's luxury and belongs to the rich. On one side, only people who can survive working a farm by hand to stand in a communal bread line each evening are good, damn the rest as overlords and traitors. The other, only people who've climbed to high ranks of society deserve to make their life a little easier - damn the rest as lazy and thieves.

Voice-control lights, curb cuts, sturdy shower benches, wide halls, voice dictation, home delivery

Mobility aids built to our bodies and daily lives...

... Coffee, made and poured by someone else.

What is the line between accessibility and luxury? Does it matter?

Focusing on what is luxury, what service jobs are luxury by association, what's required for surviving or thriving, that's just distracting from the problems at hand.

That those who make coffee for others and those who move items in warehouses, they aren't recieving the respect, dignity, income, so-on-etc to truly live and thrive. Meanwhile others have it and withhold it through any means they can think up.

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I've uploaded a couple of tiny projects to TildeGit. Hopefully they'll reach more people that way, and maybe even help someone:

Just remembered how many questions people asked over the name of Tee-Wee Editor. How weirded out they were. Guess I should have called it Ultimate Interactive Fiction Creator Gold.

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