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surprised to see this still under „scifi & fantasy“

The price of .org domains increased without warning, and now my PayPal account is $10 short, with less than a month until the due date.

Turns out there are tabletop RPGs as old as Frankenstein. How cool is that.

"It’s been 50 years since Nolan Bushnell co-founded Atari, which brought video games to the mainstream. To celebrate, we asked Bushnell what he learned during the early years—and what we’ve lost sight of since then."

market forces? you mean when sellers manipulate the market to force their expectations on me instead of lowering prices?

gamers seem to have such a hard time accepting that people have wildly different tastes and a game may just not be made for them

Also: it's not that people don't believe victims of abuse. They blame and punish the victims, while abusers receive humble apologies. Justice is an empty word. We side with the strongest naked ape, always.

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Reminds me of the times when someone very close to me would dutifully report on every detail of my personal life to a lot of people, just because they were "family". It took a lot of convincing to stop it.

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