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Emily Short asks, "What does your narrative system need to do?" and her answers are worth a read:

PICO-8 web edition for education!

> Say hi to the newest member of the PICO-8 family! A free, web-based, account-less version of the console making it a more accessible way to learn how to program, push pixels and write chip tunes.

Ursula K. Le Guin on "technology" 

"Technology is the active human interface with the material world.

But the word is consistently misused to mean only the enormously complex and specialised technologies of the past few decades, supported by massive exploitation both of natural and human resources.

This is not an acceptable use of the word. "Technology" and "hi tech" are not synonymous, and a technology that isn't "hi," isn't necessarily "low" in any meaningful sense.

We have been so desensitized by a hundred and fifty years of ceaselessly expanding technical prowess that we think nothing less complex and showy than a computer or a jet bomber deserves to be called "technology " at all. As if linen were the same thing as flax — as if paper, ink, wheels, knives, clocks, chairs, aspirin pills, were natural objects, born with us like our teeth and fingers -- as if steel saucepans with copper bottoms and fleece vests spun from recycled glass grew on trees, and we just picked them when they were ripe..."

The sheer amount of white folk who have no realization that words are violence.

It's just words.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are like, he punched first, will just finished it.

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when people talk about the benefits of DST i am always left to ask "benefits for whom?" cuz it doesn't do shit for me, i wake up before sunrise and go to bed just after sunset and i'd have to do the same regardless

all DST has done for me is fuck up my daughter's bedtime routine

So many clueless kids asking why their Chromebook won't run a Linux game despite claiming they can, and not even knowing enough to understand the answer. No, Google, you're NOT helping anyone with your cheap machines. You're creating a generation of ignorants.

There are only 3 kinds of "bad" foods

  • foods that have been poisoned
  • foods that are rotten/spoiled/tainted
  • foods that contain allergens you are personally sensitive to

everything else is fine in moderation, in proportions according to your personal dietary needs. there are no intrinsically "unhealthy" foods, only unhealthy diets

I just found out that one of my favorite game developers has a website dedicated to Tiny Basic!

TIL that header-only libraries have been possible in C without any tricks since at least C11, if not C99.

it's kind of great that (in western culture at least) skeletons used to be distressing and frightening and now they're just funny

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