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@klardotsh text: And this is why the future, be it NFTs or Memoji or the howling existential horror of the Metaverse, looks so ugly and boring: it reflects the stunted inner lives of the finance and technology professionals who produced it. As the visual manifestation of cryptocurrency, NFT art combines the nuanced social awareness of computer programmers with the soulful whimsy of hedge fund managers. It is art for people whose imaginations have been absolutely captured by a new kind of money you can do on the computer.


Also, it occurs to me that the bitterly drawn out phase at the end of a strategy game when you tediously mop up remaining enemy forces is an inadvertent reflection of real-world warfare.

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Forgot to put this in the last newsletter. Good story, sure, but also. Gods. What's so inexplicable about the success of Heroes of Might and Magic? It's a great game, and people never minded turn-based gameplay or hand-painted 2D graphics!

The obsession with real-time whiz bang was artificially induced. Just marketers being sick people as usual.

Merry Christmas, everyone! My news for 25 December 2021 are here, with business criticism, classic game retrospectives and good byes. Yes, it's the final edition.

Also, bwahahaha! Poor critics, fearing they suddenly became obsolete. No, really? Oops! Welcome to postmodernism 2.0, everyone. Not that there was any chance of it happening. Let alone for authors. But we should have asked all those questions of ownership long ago.

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Just before Christmas, the 50 Years of Text Games series nears conclusion, with 2019 and AI Dungeon: that absurdly expensive Markov chain some people were daft enough to hail as the future of computing. Still a good story, of course.

I sorta accidentally made a an esoteric programming language. It is toy for exploring concatenative programming and the DOM and comes with its own weird little editor.


Always interesting to think about how much of a multidimensional tradeoff the simple idea of 'optimization' actually is in practice

NFTs suck for practical reasons, but my biggest thing about it is honestly I realized for the first time just HOW fetishized the concept of ownership is in our society

Hello, everyone! My news for 15 December 2021 are here, with game design, game history, and quite a bit of retrogaming. Enjoy!

My favorite no-code and low-code game-making tools. And a shout out to the more extensive Game Making Tools wiki in my post.


@Alonealastalovedalongthe I was thinking about that just recently. It seems like a contradiction but isn't. My aunt's seaside house is just as gray and box-shaped as my apartment, but one is a wonderful place to be, while the other never felt like a home.

The difference is intent. Communist apartment buildings are *shelving units*, designed to store robots out of the way when they're not working. And it shows.

That said, I'm sick and tired of art snobbery. Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater House was a grand creative statement that sparked a revolution in architecture, but it was also completely uninhabitable. The homes we live in are still boringly box-shaped a century later, even as reinforced concrete lets us build pretty much anything we want. Why? Because *boxes work*.

Well, so does competently executed entertainment that doesn't try to win any awards.

This December, the Digital Antiquarian tackles Might and Magic. No wonder he needed an extra week to start:

There's a new Basic for 8-bit micros out there, that can compile for multiple target platforms from one source:

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