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Hands-on with Macromedia Director in ScummVM: Enlightening, in-depth analysis that highlights some general issues with emulation and software preservation.

And another powerful example of procedural generation via the 50 Years of Text Games project: the 2011 title Nested.

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Amazing display of procedurally generated ANSI art in the latest update for Ultima Ratio Regum:

Hello, everyone! My news for 25 October 2021 are here, with a new release, something about books, and bad game business. Enjoy!

Also note Johnny L. Wilson's editorial, who reached the same conclusions about violence in videogames a quarter century before I did here:

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At the end of October, The Digital Antiquarian writes about Harlan Ellison and the way his most famous story was made into a videogame against all odds:

Okay folks, I'm at it again, this time with Scrunch Edit, a two-pane outliner for Org Mode and Markdown files:

Hello, everyone! My news for 15 October 2021 are here, full of retrospectives, retrogaming, and surprising historical connections. Enjoy!

The 50 Years of Text Games project has reached 2009 and Fallen London, or Echo Bazaar as it was called at the time; I reviewed it in 2011, and played for many more years after that.

For its 25th anniversary, ScummVM has a massive new version, including among others Glulx support, giving it the ability to play hundreds, maybe thousands of text adventures:

TFW adding a feature to a program takes a few lines of code.

Really long read, but very well thought out essay on #facebook, #techutopia and how ex-tech employees often still promote this gospel (and we should listen more to those who have been consistent critics), how critical dependencies should be run in the #publicinterest, and more


Dear pundits: when are you going to figure out that critics don't matter? The most damning review of a book, game or movie will have people climbing over each other to buy it and see if it's really as bad as they say. It's free publicity. Always was.

Why visual novels are in first person (French language story that makes some surprising connections):

We mostly see the art that makes it, that are big hitters. But what we don't see is thousands of artists who never get any recognition for their efforts, never get any response. And they keep trucking because they're making stuff they love, because they want to see their worlds and ideas take shape.

I've spent years posting my art to near zero response and it used to kill me. But I can't rely on external sources of validation. It's nice and a bonus when it happens, but I gotta make art for myself. To have fun and enjoy the end result.

Hello, everyone! My news for 5 October 2021 are out. Inside: Good business, bad business, history, and a new tool in the making. Enjoy!

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