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I think a lot of current nastiness on the Internet can be explained by people having the mistaken belief that growing up = harassment doesn’t bother you anymore

Aaron A. Reed writes about 2006 hit Dwarf Fortress, and the extraordinary narrative power of procedural generation:

This is big. I mean, everyone's heard of Roberta Williams or Emily Short, but there are so many others who are seldom if ever mentioned.

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Just released my tabletop RPG (for certain values of tabletop) Gamebooks & Goonies, that I've been planning since late spring:

The Digital Antiquarian covers that time in the mid-1990s when the ill-fated concept of bookware made a brief return during the CD-ROM era:

Highly informative write-up about the history of blind-accessible games: first text-based, then audio, and into the mainstream, including an in-depth case study of the game that opened the floodgates:

Turns out there's a new retrogaming blog out there as of February this year, and I'm only finding out about it now:

Hello, everyone! My news for 15 September 2021 are here, with old classics, old media, interactive fiction, and worldbuilding talk. Enjoy!

"I personally don’t like the macro syntax, though." People never figured out that is a compiler for multiple story formats. Big fail there.

Good discussion thread about the Medieval Stasis trope, for all writers, not just game designers:

Hello, everyone! My news for 5 September 2021 are here, with classic games, classic books, and then one very fresh tabletop RPG. Enjoy!

Today I made my first 88x31 web buttons in at least fifteen years.

Richard Bartle Releases His Classic Book Designing Virtual Worlds For Free Online: (via The Cyber Vanguard).

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