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Games weren't even my goal. All those articles about game design, all those guides and tutorials, those were my goal. And I wrote many more of those than games.

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Some want to earn a living out of games.

Some want to get experience for a job.

Some want to create high art in a new medium.

Whatever. How were you hoping to achieve any of that?

Just make some games.

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People who come to my website often go, "you've made so many games!"

Yes I did. Stop worrying and make games.

Postmortem: Der Geisterturm; an instructive write-up about the sequel of a game I watched being made:

TFW you recover a long-lost link to a game-making tool thanks to a half-remembered domain name:

TFW you release a new version of your pet app literally before breakfast.

Hello, everyone! My News for 5 August 2021 are here. Inside: bad business in the game industry, lessons from the past and more. Enjoy!

Blizzard lawsuit - personal opinions 

I wrote a blog post titled: "Grieving and a Sense of Betrayal". In it, I briefly went over the main points in the Blizzard lawsuit about the abuse that happened.

I also included personal thoughts about workplace abuse I've experienced, my emotional state after reading about the rot at Activision Blizzard, and how the community has responded.

If you have a Medium subscription, you can read the article over there:

If you don't have a Medium subscription, you can read it on my Book of Jen website for free.

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image description: A photo of the Anaheim Convention center during the 2014 BlizzCon by Jen Thorpe.

New post: fluffy rambles: Some recollections of working in the games industry

#GameIndustry #Employment #Ubisoft #Guillemot

From 2004 to 2005 I worked at a new Ubisoft studio. Technically it was “Guillemot Entertainment” at the time (before it was rena…

Hello, everyone! My news for 25 July 2021 are here. Inside: toxic game development past and present, website news and much more. Enjoy!

Itch are doing a Creator Day event again. I'm very happy for people to buy my works before/after this so that Itch receive their cut, but I think that this event's framing of supporting creators as worthwhile is very, very important.

Please Believe Women - I had no intention to write this post this morning, but I ended up writing it anyway but I do talk about FFXIV being a shelter in the storm

Awesome discussion thread over at .net about the things one might find in an infinite library dungeon:

I reject the capitalist notion that the quality of my creative output is related to its competitiveness or performance in a market.

Players and Toxicity - This morning I share my experiences in running dungeons with several self-proclaimed World of Warcraft refugees over in FFXIV

It's so complicated to earn money online and sometimes it feels even more complicated to actually get the money you earned!

shoutout to all you fuckers creating videogames that get lost in the abyss but still do it anyway.

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