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Hello, everyone! My news for 15 December 2020 are here, with game jams, old classics, new classics, genre talk and more. Enjoy!

Before we can figure out how to teach a general AI not to be horrible to humans we need to figure it out for humans, especially humans with unbounded resources.

Un bon rappel sur le capitalisme au centre de nos problèmes écologiques

I used to come up with and work on fan games a ton as a kid, and I eventually made my own original projects too

fanworks will always always have value, they will always serve their own purpose, just the same as original works

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Hello, everyone! My news for 5 December 2020 are here, with classic games, old secrets, new critique and more. Enjoy!

Hey so, Salesforce just bought Slack. Salesforce has a history of monetizing things they buy in really aggressive manners so I'm expecting some Changes there soon.

If you use Discord, I'll also note that when a thing's main competition has a problem is when companies choose to make Big Moves so don't be shocked if Discord makes major changes or either gets bought themselves very soon.

I've been banging the drum of "Have backups for your communities" for years now, but it's more serious now.

to those in the US, happy thanksgiving, even if your celebrating under quarintine I hope you have a great day.

Hello, everyone! My news for 25 November 2020 are here. All about , culture, critique, preservation, and the future:

Plain old HTML is actually still pretty good for making websites tbh.

The Internet Archive have added a WebAssembly-based Flash emulator to their emulation suite, and are preserving 2000s-vintage Flash games, playable in a modern HTML5-capable browser:

I've felt pretty uncomfortable putting out a call to action like that, but I also think it's an unavoidable and sometimes overlooked reality of the current world that if the people who make the stuff you like don't get enough support, the stuff you like won't get made ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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I feel some of my own experiences echoed here. Damon has good perception. "Tastemaker" isn't a word I've come across before, but it reflects and sums up something that I find deeply unhealthy about how contemporary culture prioritises discourse over individual taste/experience, particularly for games

The emergency has passed, but now there's little left of the morning. Back on my usual bullshit in a few hours.

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Staying off the PC to avoid damage from possible power outage. At least we had warning this time. Back soon, hopefully.

Before y'all flock back to GitHub, consider that they only walked back on their shitty move after public outcry, and not without compromises. They can and will do it again. Don't let an obvious PR move fool you, smart person.

Hello, everyone! my news for 15 November 2020 are here, with news about roguelikes, game design, graphics and sometimes all three at the same time. Enjoy!

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