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New Time To Play is 10 years old! 🎉 🎂 🎆 To celebrate, the new book is now in stores. Enjoy!

big fan of radical left-wing ideologies like "compassion" and "treating people with respect"

Hello, everyone! My news for 5 August 2020 are here, with content ranging from old computers to new sequels of classic games, and more. (Also updates on the upcoming book and the state of the website, of course.) Enjoy!

New post: Plaidophile: Sprung stuff

I seem to be getting in conversations about Sprung a lot lately. I’ve definitely written about it plenty in the past but those blog entries are no longer available and probably not written with the sort of voice I’d l…

thoughts about post-apocalyptic fiction and climate change 

post-apocalyptic fiction that doesn't just depict the world after the end as basically mad max is very important

like, we can do better

we need more stories where people work together to help each other survive and build a community out of the ashes of the old world

instead of just... warlords or some shit

it'll be very important in the coming years

fiction informs our ideas about what's possible

if, after the climate apocalypse, we assume the only things we can do are recreate capitalism or devolve into barbarity -- then that's all that will ever happen

but a better world IS possible

and the time will come when it will be our job to build it

and that starts today, with the stories we tell

Emily Short reminds us that IFComp 2020 is accepting entries, while IntroComp is entering the voting phase:

random reminder apropos of nothing 

It's okay to simply not have an opinion on something that you feel you don't know enough about. It's really not feasible for a single person to be fully informed about every single thing – even every important thing.

That's not to say that you shouldn't be invested or learning about important issues; it's just to say that you're only human. It's okay and necessary to set boundaries at a certain point and be okay with not knowing all there is to know about it. Assuming you don't personally specialize in something, you'll eventually have to draw that line somewhere.

1980s Yugoslavia's socialist opensource DIY home computer that didn't come from a company and became the local dominant computer for a good while.

#retrocomputing #foss

TFW you find an old blog post in three clicks and share the link right away because you've been keeping good . This is the essence of No Time To Play. What makes me proud of the past 10 years in my life.

Hello, everyone! Issue #330 of my newsletter is out now, with an announcement as big as it is sudden, in addition to the usual progress report and some news I hope you'll like even if it's not much. Here:

Now that I know where to look in Awstats, my server logs are full of Mastodon instances accessing the site. Links to it must be shared around a lot.

I released Attack Vector: Sunset Flight exactly two years and two days ago. Either my reflexes have degraded a lot since then, or else the game doesn't work right anymore. But it's so good to see the framerate sit at 60 and not move. New PC rocks.

And now for the second try. You wouldn't believe how much time it took to get those gridlines just right.

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First attempt at cover art for my upcoming book. Yeah, it needs work. We're talking 90 minutes of work up to this point.

Hello, everyone! Issue #329 of my newsletter is out, with news about the state of No Time To Play, musings about old machines, and much about old games too. Enjoy!

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