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I said this before and I will again: the Spectrum had a general-purpose CPU and a bitmap display, both very slow. It gave birth to Total Eclipse, Knight Lore and Lords of Midnight, while other platforms were flooded with the same-y platformers and side-scrollers that could run well on their oh-so-clever sprite engines.

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The same story also illustrates why it's a terrible idea to write software for a specialized computer architecture that works like nothing else on the market. Computers are general-purpose by nature; take advantage of that.

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The Digital Antiquarian revisits the demise of Commodore, and there are so many business lessons contained in there it's hard to make a good summary. Let me try anyway:

Don't be a jerk. Money can't buy respect and trust.

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I've updated my Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to include a relatively little-known Mastodon feature that nonetheless is causing some big anxiety this week.

"So if I lock my account, only approved people can see my posts?", wherein I explain locked accounts and - here's the anxiety-inducing part - the RSS feed that *every* Mastodon account creates.

I migrated almost a dozen old articles to the Engines and Tools section of my site. They turn out to be about interactive fiction authoring:

If you've ever worked in tech you've probably heard of waterfall and you've also heard that it's bad and wrong but did you know that it's was first defined as a deliberately bad example of how to not do software development.

Here's Emily Short sharing some thoughts about the GDC cancellation, as part of her end-of-February link assortment:

Discussing online:

"I hate Python! It's a horrible language!"

"May I ask why?"

"Because of that evil indentation rule!"

"That's it?"

"Well... yes."

"Don't you always indent your code in any language anyway?"

"Well, yeah, but... er... um..."

Every. Single. Time.

Hello, everyone! Issue #309 of my newsletter is out, with another release announcement. Then we get a laugh at the book publishing industry, followed by more links of interest. Thanks for checking it out!

You should never panic but you should always be prepared

Hey, folks! You might like to know that my site just acquired a dedicated section for adventures and RPGs:

Elekk has the best admin and mod team on the entire fediverse. Thanks for taking care of us!

To whom it may concern: as of last evening, Glittering Light 2 also has a Python port using Tkinter. It lacks sound and the fancy custom font, but has zoom levels and other goodies.

After adding audio to Glittering Light 2, it's so strange to work on a port that's supposed to stay silent.

It's alive! I got the port of Glittering Light 2 to actually run, and look decently.

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