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What in often feels like: you're this kid coming back from school. On day 1, you take street A but run into bully B who beats you up. On day 2 you try street C so instead run into bully D... who beats you up. Day 3, you run into bully B again, except on street E. Day 4, you say "screw it" and take street A again... only to run into bully D now.

It gets old fast.

That the original 1980 is still one of the best games in the genre it spawned even after 40 years is a testament to its excellent game design, but also an indictment of its countless imitators.

Oh, by the way: all game rewards are artificially constructed by definition. That's kind of the whole point. Real stakes instantly make it not a game. A sport, maybe, but not a game anymore. How's that for a gatekeeping distinction?

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At least his take is broader and more nuanced, but gods, fans of hard games are full of shit.

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In just four days, Glittering Light 2 gathered more views on Itch than Electric Rogue in over two years. That counts as a runaway success for me.

I aimed to make it somewhat easier than other infinite roguelikes, and by my reckoning that was the result. Guess other people are even worse at playing this kind of game?

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Early feedback indicates I nailed the control scheme for Glittering Light 2. Success!

On the other hand, difficulty may be too high? And making it reasonable was an explicit goal.

Hello, everyone! Issue #306 of my newsletter is now out, with a release announcement, thoughts on (a retrospective of) Loom, and a couple of headlines with little comment. Bye for now!

Tesla bad 

It's terrifying. We live in a day and age when people really do expect even an ASCII art game to use hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, with all the implied bells and whistles.

That said, much like with all non-AAA games, it's far more interesting than every open world shooter polished into a river rock exactly like all the others.

Sometimes I feel like my perspective of "a game having even major flaws does not mean it is a bad game" can be lost in my posts.

Things like Death Stranding's aphobia and Fortnite's predatory monetization are way worse problems than "the game's frame rate is rarely smooth" or "the loading screens are pretty long."

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Reminder, podcasts are just an rss feed with links to audio files.

Not an app. Not some walled ecosystem.

thoughts on “phases” 

And... Two hours later, the game is already off the first page. That's how many new games are published to Itch all the time.

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As of a few moments ago, Glittering Light 2 is live on Itch. ASCII art just gained a new dimension!

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