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thoughts on “phases” 

And... Two hours later, the game is already off the first page. That's how many new games are published to Itch all the time.

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As of a few moments ago, Glittering Light 2 is live on Itch. ASCII art just gained a new dimension!

I can't believe how well a recent works on my potato of a computer. So it *is* still possible, dammit! So much for excuses.

TFW you're bracing for the strongest enemy in the game, but you can't even get past the weakest one.

In other news, the game is done barring bugs and such, and I'll release a (silent) version ASAP. Stay tuned.

Speaking of which: after years of trying out fancy OOP schemes, it turns out the best place to put behaviors in is a sort of virtual dungeon master that you call upon at the update stage to move all the enemies around. The latter are just figurines on a battlemat.

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Once I got the AI working, the rest is easier. Now you can even lose the game! Next, to solve the sudden difficulty spike following level 3.

It took several small additions, but my -in-progress now has a working minimap!

Hello, everyone! Issue #305 of my newsletter is out, with a progress report, a Warcraft III retrospective and brief news from the industry. Enjoy!

Cinnamon's Cooking Quest gamedev: Prototyping the keyboard-only button selector. Look at it bounce! It's so excited to select things!

Me, asking for Money or food, not a meme. 

this.isAlive = function () {
if ( > 0)
return > this.fear;
return this.fear > 0;

Dear pundit: if you want your games to be discoverable, maybe don't keep them exclusive to Steam, a platform that's actively sabotaging you in favor of a few big names. Try Itch. And talking to people.

Dear Blizzard: no-one would even remember Warcraft III anymore if it wasn't for DOTA. Modders are your golden goose. Remember the story?

Years ago when we dreamed of making the ultimate MMORPG like young people are wont to do, a good friend pushed me to educate myself on how 3D game graphics work. Just realized how well it's serving me now.

When I do side project webapp development, the server renders the HTML and sends you the HTML and the users browser reads the HTML and it all bloody works.

I talked to someone unfamiliar with roguelikes, who loved the idea of using a blue tilde character to represent water for example. Old-timers have a point: games did lose something when they moved from text to graphics. Abstraction matters.

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