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"I made a friend!"

"And it's not my fault!"

"Now given this campaign, did you make a friend, or MAKE a friend?"

Here's a thought: schools can't properly teach critical thinking, because schools are there to make the people fall in line, and not question the status quo too much, and here we are.

Folks making games. Consider, if there is not a specific reason your protagonist has to be white making them something else instead. #gamedev

TFW you spend the second day of Christmas thinking of a new RPG rule system. Because of course.

I was dismayed to find out how Wikipedia relegates walking simulators to a short section of the article on adventure games. Pretty sure they're a lot more important than that.

Steam, The Algorithm 

"Hand-selected by ROBOT ELVES" is hardly the pitch you think it is, Valve.

Another thought: you know how many people don't seem to know there are many story formats to choose from? One solution would be prompting them to select one when creating a new project. You know, like every single IDE out there does.

For those who don't know, both kinds of files have an .html extension, even though the raw passage data isn't HTML in any meaningful sense. A recipe for confusion.

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Trying to help a poor confused soul who picked Archive instead of Export in and can't understand why the game doesn't work when uploaded to Itch. Good UI design extends to file names.

Just listened to a well-informed but uncritical politician talk AI. Gods. When the next AI Winter comes, it will make Narnia under the White Witch look like a tropical resort in comparison.

@blueberrysoft I repeatedly postponed playing your Spectrum roguelike, and now can't seem to find the link anymore. Help?

And... it's live! Kitty and the Sea is my latest creation: a hypertext walking simulator about loneliness; a short story where nothing happens because the good days are past. Play it on Itch (for now): (cc @[email protected]

I have been told I need to shout louder about my cool cool bee game that you can play right now called Hive Time.


Can't help but notice how continues to accumulate features, becoming an ever bigger pile of kludges, while the development of has slowed to a crawl, as the language is very nearly close to perfect.

Fediverse thoughts 

The one thing I really love about the Fediverse is that all of these instances just kinda work with each other, and you can kinda be a part of other communities in your own way. I can admire art from one instance, boost a TF post themed around another instance, and actually have an account on neither, all of us sharing experiences that span across communities. It feels like such an unique experience compared to the rest of the internet, especially in modern times where everything tends to be centralized.

People make mistakes that's why they put rubbers on the ends of pencils.

Getting ready for the big launch of Kitty and the Sea, probably in a couple of days. It's looking good!

I learned last night that not everybody knows that @itchio doesn't require an account to buy/download/play games.

When I distribute my games (play Hive Time!) there, I'm not telling people to commit to the platform. I'm inviting them to play my game with fewer strings attached.

#gamedev #indiedev

TFW you introduce two people to the when moments before you didn't even know they were text adventure fans.

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