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Hello, everyone! Issue #297 of my newsletter is out, with a minor game release, plans for the near future, design lessons from classics, and then some. Take a look!

.org is a gTLD for everyone, and is foundational to the Internet, for individuals, non-profits, and everyone else. Don't let it be sold to a private interest without any oversight. #SaveDotOrg

Funny how rules of polite behavior seem to include everything under the sun, except for minding the wishes of other people.

For those of us who grew up with the ZX Spectrum (or C64 I suppose), to hear people these days complain about a "restrictive" palette of "only" 56 colors is surreal.

TIL that the std::istringstream class in C++ has all the operations needed to read Forth source code. The more you know.

The text-based edition of Space Cruiser Orion can now be downloaded from -- source code included.

Isn't it funny how the more sophisticated CPUs and compilers become, the more we have to worry about low-level details like cache locality?

also, fucking mock people who still say "alpha male" and "beta male" with complete seriousness

because that was research done in the 70s and the researcher has since retracted his theories completely, straight-up begging people to not pay attention to it, because he was studying wolves in captivity. their 'natural order' looks way WAY different.

even if you assume wolf society = human society (...? or owo i should say), it's a bullshit model of wolf society lmao

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Saw a toy VR kit in a toy store, just a cheap headset and controller. Realized it's a game kids can't share with others unless there's a TV nearby to plug into. And then you can just use an ordinary console.

holidays, family drama 

For the holidays, remember: just because they’re family you don’t have to endure them.

If they’re a abusive, racist or otherwise make you feel terrible—you can take a break from them, or cut them off.

It’s ok. You didn’t pick them. They’re responsible for their behavior.

Okay. My game has a working Monster AI now. Next I need a death screen, a start screen and inventory interactions to make something playable out of it. Furthermore I should think about a good boss stage for the end game.

... and about a good name of course. (I'm bad in giving things a name.)

#zxspectrum #retro #roguelike #gamedev #8bit

Another update for my #zxspectrum #roguelike .
I've added monsters. They don't move yet but you can already attack them.

advertisers are okay with ad-infested malware. it wouldn't be able to exist otherwise

Hello, everyone! Issue #296 of my newsletter is out. Inside: .org domains in danger, plans for more articles on scripting, and a bunch of links with no comment:

The YAGNI principle (You Ain't Gonna Need It) has two big caveats:

1. Sometimes you do know you're gonna need it, based on prior experience.
2. Sometimes you don't know what you're going to need until you have it.

Do play around and make experiments when you can.

It's not the business of a programming language to teach, let alone enforce, discipline. Pascal, Java, Rust; all of them are fundamentally misguided in that regard. Teachers, do your job!

So, what is it with people trying to resell open source / free culture works

1. without proper credits for the author(s),
2. therefore in breach of the license,
3. and thinking they won't get caught?

Never mind the iffy morality of it even if they scrupulously respected the license.

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