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I know I should hav been working on RogueBox Adventures last weekend but I felt much more inspired by my studies about the ZX Spectrum. So I started to code my own #roguelike for the Speccy.
So far I have a very simple level generator and a little '@' that can explore the dungeon, as well as a very primitive implementation of 'fog of war'.
Let's see ho far I'll go with this.

On dit : "Si c'est gratuit, c'est toi le produit"

Dans la nouvelle mise a jour des CGU de #Google, c'est maintenant explicite.

"YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable. "

Also: "If you confuse what is expedient with what is necessary, I guarantee your program will never stop growing."

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"For it's easy to lose sight of the problem amidst the beauty of the solution." -- Charles Moore, Programming a Problem-Oriented Language

If you want to learn OOP, start with Lua. Yes, it uses prototypes, not classes, but that's a Good Thing. And it teaches you important stuff, like how a method is just an object member that happens to be a function, which receives a (hidden) `self` argument automatically if called with a certain syntax.

Hello, everyone! Issue #295 of my newsletter is out, with a tabletop RPG review and a retrospective of Strike Commander, in addition to updates and plans of my own:

We are getting asked about "verified accounts" quite often recently, so lets try to clear this up: There are no verified accounts on Mastodon like there are on Twitter. Some Mastodon instances have a custom emoji that looks like the verified icon on Twitter and people put that in their display name, probably because it looks fancy. It does not mean anything though.

Since I've played 'Escape from cnossus' by @notimetoplay I started to read a lot about the ZX Spectrum. I think I start to love this computer.
I have a soft spot for 80's homecomputers but never pait the attention to the Sinclair computers deserve.
I wish I could get a real working Spectrum but they were not very common here in germany so this would become too expensive. :-(

And by the way, Gamasutra, "Hong Kong protesters shine, but don't quite spark at BlizzCon"? Do you live under the impression that's a show put on for your entertainment?

Show thread rightfully savages Blizzard: "We censor less than any other sport, provided that sport is also known for censoring people."

For the longest time, I was all "well, actually" about it. I'm starting to change my mind.

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Look. has been around for decades. It's one of the most popular programming languages right now, and still trending. Yet people still hate its indentation-based syntax. You'd think those in charge would have gotten a clue by now.

Because I've seen people asking: you can disable on your public profile by going to Preferences -> Appearance -> Discovery -> Show today's trends. It's shown by default right in front of you after clicking the gear icon.

Most of the remaining mourned the closing of and welcomed refugees. Only on the FreeBasic forums there was not a word said about it.

Hello, everyone! Issue #294 of my newsletter is out, with a game announcement and word of the various game jams and other similar events taking place these days. Enjoy!

So now I have a game, but no good place to put it online, and no audience except for a small niche. Hardly a waste of time, but not exactly a win, either. I'm tired.

TFW a trivial expression calculator you banged together in a day for fun has no less than 7 command line options and two modes of operation.

Who needs yet another expression calculator? Likely no-one. It was still fun to make, and taught me new things. Besides, gotta love those colorful buttons.

Just wrote my first program with an embedded Lua scripting engine. It really is as easy as it seems.

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