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"Cynicism is, in short, a potential sign of intellectual laziness, a fear of failure, indiscriminate distrust and negativity. Cynicism must not be mistaken with healthy skepticism, common sense, reasoning, pragmatism and a nuanced understanding of humanity. It has nothing to do with competence or wisdom. Psychology research consistently shows the negative impacts of cynicism on life outcomes (...)"


The faces computer scientists must have made when it started to dawn on them that the syllogisms afforded by Prolog were less useful for describing the real world than the imperative statements of Fortran.

So in addition to working on a game port, which opens the door to more of them, I also managed to revive the new title started and then abandoned nearly two months ago. This will be a productive autumn and winter.

Academic research finds no evidence of gaming as a clinical disorder "Previous studies failed to examine wider context of young peoples' lives, says professor Andrew Przybylski" No shit, Sherlock!

if apps collected personal data to "improve their service", services would be good by now

It occurs to me I haven't shared a screenshot in way too long. So here's what an afternoon of tinkering just earned me:

Hello, everyone! Issue #292 of my newsletter is here, with more classic games now playable online, a neat little graphics engine for web browsers, and the closing of a retrogaming community. Enjoy!

The Digital Antiquarian on how Infocom's games were reverse-engineered: "out-of-print games from a dead company sold to owners of an orphaned computer"

This is your periodic reminder that artistic creation has become a legal minefield. It's the biggest worry of authors in all media. What most discussions are about on forums where it should be all about exchanging tips and techniques. Stop the madness. Stop adding to the problem.

Riddle me this: if I publish a game for Windows and Linux, both versions get dowloaded. One more, the other less, but still. If I make it Linux-exclusive, no-one bothers.

Natural is quirky, inconsistent and redundant because so is life. In their drive for minimalism and neatness, programming language designers only make it harder to express problems and solutions.

Hello, everyone! Issue #291 of my newsletter is out, with news about my projects, thoughts on exploration in Legend of Zelda, and a brief comment on the intersection of games, capitalism and politics. Have fun this Sunday!

there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism. get over it and stop admonishing people for consuming under capitalism and look at the real problem please

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blizzard and corporate politics (-) 

Welp glad I'm not really doin any blizzard stuff at the moment because it looks like blizzard suspended a top level competitor, rescinded all his prize money, and banned him for a year for vocally supporting the protests in Hong Kong after a tournament win. They also apparently fired both the sportscasters who had no idea he was gonna say anything about it and didn't cut his mic.

but fucky overwatch though~

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