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Why do I like coding in Basic so much? Just for having grown up with the language? Or because it really was designed from the ground up to make programming fun?

Hello, everyone! Issue #290 of my newsletter is here, with news of the IFComp, a tabletop RPG review, and musings on the connection between said RPGs and fiction writing. Enjoy!

Wish designers stuck to widely-used terms like "game master", "adventure" and "campaign" instead of inventing their own all the time. Getting everyone on the same page is more important than nitpicking nuances.

Heartbeat transphobia 

I don't know if y'all are interested in this game, but the devs for the indiie RPG Heartbeat are mocking trans suicide by doing a "41% off sale" specifically because 41% of trans people attempt suicide. They are doing this in response to being called out for transphobia.

Avoid these devs.

Heads up, fans: the Fate Core book was published on Itch like half an hour ago on a pay-what-you-want basis.

when i was learning code one of my teachers, who obviously used to be an English teacher, would always asked "wherefore X"?

that is, not only do you need to know HOW to use a technology, but you need to know WHY you should use it, in what cases, and when you should probably stop using it

i wish that more tech articles included this because, frankly, i don't know how you even get off the ground if you don't know why you're using a particular technology

Hello, everyone! Issue #289 of my newsletter is out, with updates regarding No Time To Play, changes coming to PROCJAM and Ren'Py, then a fascinating insight into the level design of Doom 2.

Anyone remembers the MM3D editor? Turns out it's been forked a while ago, and returned to active development:

Can't really work on games these days, so instead I quickly cobbled together an EPUB edition of Battles&Balances:

"A fool and his head are soon parted" actually sounds like a good take on the saying for a generic fantasy world.

whinging about a coworker, programming stuff 

I don't know how to impress upon my junior coworker any more the fact that the most important part in bugfixing is

_knowing what it is you're fixing_

if changing some random stuff fixes the problem, I assure you the problem is not fixed.

Nitpick: maybe mention Ian Bell too when you talk about the original 1984 Elite.

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Hello, everyone! Issue #288 of my newsletter is out, with a rant on modern hardware, another on difficulty settings, a different way of making games for the NES and a discussion of game genres. Enjoy!

A remake of Link's Awakening was just released for the Nintendo Switch. What does the press analyze? The new technology!

asking for help, $ 

I could use some help making it to the end of the month. If you have a couple spare dollars you could toss my way, I'd really appreciate it, and thank you in advance for your help and your boosts.


Once again, when people play your videogame, they're indirectly playing *with* you. Wanna be that playground kid who has to win every exchange at any cost? Even those that don't need to have a winner?

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Dear game designers, stop equating interactivity with difficulty. Newsflash: nobody cares about "trivializing the experience" except your snooty selves, and the edgy kiddies who seem to be your target audience.

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