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So in one day I posted an entry to my linklog, another link with comments on Tumblr, and a proper blog post on top of that. The benefit of having multiple outlets.

When grow and time passes: wherein I comment on someone's write-up about the supposed demise of the RTS genre.

Hello, everyone! Issue #287 of my newsletter is out, with thoughts about doing business in this area and an interview with Spiderweb Software, in addition to my own essay about interactivity. Enjoy!

cw: rms, cw from author: this piece contains mentions of child abuse, rape, and other upsetting topics. An appendix of additional information has also been added at the bottom.

god ive always disliked stallman. this is disgusting

Today it's gigabytes per texture
Try really hard and you just might
Remember when a whole adventure
Would fit inside a megabyte

Never mind it's not a zero-sum game, and in fact people don't even download for free unless they're really, really interested. So if nobody wants what you make? Maybe don't blame an illusory "competition".

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When "industry experts" say indie creators are pricing their games / e-books / whatever too low, what they really mean is, we're calling out their overpriced crap for what it is, and that rightfully hurts their sales. Good!

To game designers and critics alike: everyone knows there were no sliding-block puzzles guarding doors in ancient temples. That was never the issue. Boring, make-work gameplay is the issue. Games consisting solely of puzzle collections have been consistently successful.

Hello, everyone! Issue #286 of my newsletter is out, with a rant on planned obsolescence, a tip for Flash game preservation, and a retrospective of classic arcade game Dragon's Lair, in addition to the regular request for help. Thank you!

By requiring more and more CPU and GPU power while remaining painfully slow to use, Firefox is giving in to planned obsolescence and betraying the values they claim to uphold.

"The darkest tasks that sustain our digital world are outsourced to poor people living in poorer nations, from the environmentally destructive mining of precious minerals and the disposal of toxic electronic waste to the psychologically damaging effects of content moderation. As with all labor relations, race, gender, and geography play a role, determining which workers receive fair compensation for their labor or are even deemed real workers worthy of a wage at all."

Hello, everyone! Issue #285 of my newsletter is out, with an editorial on the latest gaming industry scandal, followed by talk of cultural appropriation and game cameras, before a renewed request for help. Thank you.

Other keep piling features on top of their engines until the poor things start resembling Pizza the Hutt. I spent years refining mine down to a hundred lines of code apiece.

Looking around corners: coding the camera in a dungeon crawler. Because there's still value in games that take place on a chessboard. Turn-based games that give you time to think. Games where you have to move carefully square by square.

You can't expect a generation without capital to support capitalism.

I often tell aspiring with lofty dreams they can achieve 80% of what they want with 20% of the effort. It would still be pretty great, and within their reach for a change. They always reply, "but [big fancy game] is my dream". And then I never hear from them again.

I don't care who you are and how well you know the problem domain. Your advice is *not* god's gift to humanity. Ask first. Accept a "no".

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PSA: even well-meaning and competent advice can be unwelcome, for reasons the recipient may not be able to articulate. Don't presume!

Now that I have an engine, it's time to show it off. As of last evening, my latest creation has a homepage explaining what it is and how you can use it. No downloads or license yet, though:

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