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After exactly two days of work, the EightWay Engine works about right, and I have a colorful demo to walk around in, complete with HUD.

It takes well under 200 lines of HTML and JS to render this image, and 70% of that is a reusable graphics engine:

TFW you try to take a break but instead bang out the first 75 lines of code on your new project.

Dear tool developers: it's not your business to "discourage save scumming". I want players to enjoy *my* game the way *they* like it.

Hello, everyone! Issue #283 of my newsletter is out, with a discussion of politics in games, a retrospective of Pac-Mania, and words from the world of interactive fiction. But first, a release announcement:

My advice to gamedevs right now: Loudly, proudly, and visibly come out in undeniable support of trans and non-binary identities, recognition and condemnation of all forms of racism, and show an understanding of ableism, because we're all getting pretty sick of risking support.

In the interest of being clear, I'm gonna define the Am as being worth $0.004167.

According to Amazon, its lowest-paid fulfillment-center workers earn one Am per second. That works out to $15 per hour.

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, earns 597,312.215 Ams per second, as of seven months ago.

Bezos's workers earned 1 Am per second. Bezos earned nearly 600,000 Ams per second.

Tell me again how capitalism is good for humanity.

After just a few days of work, the new ASCII Mapper can already open my old Electric Rogue maps.

One more day, and everything in the View menu works. Time for refactoring, because damn, GUI code can get real messy real quick.

What server software do you use #Tusky with?

Already two people who saw the screenshot expressed interest in using ASCII Mapper for MU*s. I'm flattered, but... you do realize it's a tile map editor, right? It has no concept of rooms and exits, just tiles. Please consider an interactive fiction mapping tool instead.

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Another morning of work, and the desktop edition of ASCII Mapper has a very nice, if not yet functional, GUI. (You can edit the map.)

Oh wait, before The Fairy's Throne and Robots in Spring I had limited experience with Tkinter. One finished project, no matter how advanced, wasn't enough to give me the level of confidence required.

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A few hours and a hundred lines of code in, the desktop version of ASCII Mapper is proving perfectly viable. Why in the world didn't I do it this way from the start?

Hello, everyone! Issue #282 of my newsletter is out, with a release announcement, a not-quite-postmortem... and no other news. Enjoy anyway:

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