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Reminder: we're coming up on the last chance to support your admins' Patreons for July! Don't forget to see if your Fediverse admin has a Patreon so you can help them run their server!

If you want to support this particular admin. Elekk's Patreon is here: :)

Game developers flock to Steam because they hear "millions of users" and think they'll be set with just a slice of that big juicy pie. It quickly turns out to be a logical fallacy. Those millions haven't heard of you and wouldn't care if they did. Not all of them even have money, and those that do spend it on mainstream titles. In turn, Valve caters to them because Valve doesn't need to sell many different games, they only need to sell many *copies* of the same few.

Hello, everyone! Issue #280 of my newsletter is a big one, with talk of history, game design, gamers and marketing to them, in addition to a progress report and more:

Development on Attack Vector Zero: Cybersphere slowed down these days, so for now have a nice title screen. It's even animated!

Adding gamepad support to my WIP took up a surprising amount of code, and I'm not sure exactly why. Still a lot of fun to do, and totally worth it.

only assholes think that "being real" means being an asshole

Hint: if you're actively enabling Nazis, racists and white supremacists, you're not for free speech.

You may think you are, and be encouraged like you are, but look carefully at who's encouraging you, and who fall silent and walk away when you do.

Unlike "neutral" platforms, Itch encourages creators to have good presentation, downloads that work and good metadata. Manual curation is front and center, while search is designed to break the winner-takes-all antipattern.

Dear game creators: Itch, while hosting nearly 180K games, can give you better exposure than carefully curated platforms with many times fewer titles. It blew my mind to hear what a small library a certain large competitor has, and they still manage to bury indie games.

Finally got around to uploading the latest build of Electric Rogue to and Game Jolt. Only took me a week, but it felt longer.

Yes! Earned myself another badge on Open Game Art.

Hey kids, remember all those cell phone games we hand on our flip-phones and Nokias back in the day? :blobcatuwu:

J2ME Loader, a Java ME emulator for Android is in a pretty stable now, and runs great. It's works more or less out of box, and there's tons of archive sites for old cellphone games like it. :geblobaww:

Just the tidbit of the day :blobcathappy:

#retro #phone #nokia #j2me #emulator #cellphones #android 🏷

It's taking shape quickly now that the foundations are laid. One 2.5D rail coming up!

Dear game developers: why in the world would I want to spend hundreds of hours of my life playing ? Even when it's time well spent (and that's not always the case), there's so much more to do out there. Things worth doing.

The job of an employment recruiter is to professionally pretend that you need corporations more than corporations need you.

It's been too long since I posted a screenshot from my work in progress , so here it is:

GG, Gamers and You: Entitled, Whiny and Toxic Gamers Are Not Your Audience

I just had a game freeze randomly for short intervals after adding enemy missiles because trying to draw a filled circle in software when it was scaled too big took a lot of time. Trust me, you're optimizing too early and in the entirely wrong place.

Me to my friends, right before they tell me they love and are proud of me, and always will be no matter what:

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