@baronvonjace Yet another proprietary, centralized social network apparently.

market forces? you mean when sellers manipulate the market to force their expectations on me instead of lowering prices?

@NovaSquirrel If you're not comfortable with the GPL, and also not comfortable with permissive licenses, may I suggest the Artistic License 2.0? It's FSF-approved, copyleft but not viral, and well-suited for games in name and spirit.

@hoppet No, it's not possible. Try it. Also, you're mixing up languages. ;)

@hazelnut Next: people discontinuing Linux distributions and recommending people just use WSL.

@hazelnut Do you suppose it has anything to do with the new owners, and their competing derived product?

gamers seem to have such a hard time accepting that people have wildly different tastes and a game may just not be made for them

@nonehitwonder You mean the Star Trek future where an Utopian planet Earth is supported by the labor of distant hellhole colonies? It can be arranged. There's this company whose resident visionary suggested people could work for passage on a one-way trip to Mars, where they'd spent the rest of their lives as indentured servants.

@voltur Come to think of it, what's the difference between a dungeon filled with conveniently placed coins, and the gold mines in Warcraft? notimetoplay.org/cgi-bin/wiki/

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