This is your periodic reminder that artistic creation has become a legal minefield. It's the biggest worry of authors in all media. What most discussions are about on forums where it should be all about exchanging tips and techniques. Stop the madness. Stop adding to the problem.

Riddle me this: if I publish a game for Windows and Linux, both versions get dowloaded. One more, the other less, but still. If I make it Linux-exclusive, no-one bothers.

@magicalmilly Well, it's not like we're going to kick out allies or anything. 😛

Natural is quirky, inconsistent and redundant because so is life. In their drive for minimalism and neatness, programming language designers only make it harder to express problems and solutions.

Hello, everyone! Issue #291 of my newsletter is out, with news about my projects, thoughts on exploration in Legend of Zelda, and a brief comment on the intersection of games, capitalism and politics. Have fun this Sunday!

there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism. get over it and stop admonishing people for consuming under capitalism and look at the real problem please

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@themightyglider Unofficial 64-bit builds were just released, and work except for music. But if you're on Linux, many distributions have an old version in the repos, and Windows has good support for legacy 32-bit software. Performance is hard to estimate, but seems surprisingly good for an interpreted language. The community is small, but present and welcoming.

@themightyglider I dabbled in FreeBasic too, briefly, but soon moved to sdlBasic, that's been a big thing for me in recent years. And now I'm learning BaCon as well.

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Why do I like coding in Basic so much? Just for having grown up with the language? Or because it really was designed from the ground up to make programming fun?

Hello, everyone! Issue #290 of my newsletter is here, with news of the IFComp, a tabletop RPG review, and musings on the connection between said RPGs and fiction writing. Enjoy!

Wish designers stuck to widely-used terms like "game master", "adventure" and "campaign" instead of inventing their own all the time. Getting everyone on the same page is more important than nitpicking nuances.

Heartbeat transphobia 

Heads up, fans: the Fate Core book was published on Itch like half an hour ago on a pay-what-you-want basis.

when i was learning code one of my teachers, who obviously used to be an English teacher, would always asked "wherefore X"?

that is, not only do you need to know HOW to use a technology, but you need to know WHY you should use it, in what cases, and when you should probably stop using it

i wish that more tech articles included this because, frankly, i don't know how you even get off the ground if you don't know why you're using a particular technology

@maloki No modern HTML5 browser can *be* lightweight. All the crap it needs to support inevitably adds up to high system requirements. If your machine can't take one of these anymore, the only other option is something like Dillo.

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