Why I still respect the classic text adventure Blue Chairs even though I never played past the prologue: no-time-to-play.tumblr.com/pos

@azure And having to face the bureaucratic machine from The Cyberiad as the Knowledge Terminator.

Dear Python: if you didn't leave out variable declarations "for simplicity", you wouldn't need a `global` statement that does half of the same job, poorly.

TFW someone praises the gameplay in the 200-line Space Invaders clone you wrote in Python and Pygame for teaching purposes.

@RobsteinOne Again?! I was wondering why the silence just as America should be waking up.

@phil *adds a couple of lines below* Or... I could close the tab and never visit your site again. You're nowhere near as important as you think, guys.

Just got a like from another Romanian on birdsite. First time I see someone who feels the need to specify they are straight in their profile. Hetero Sapiens Romanicus. But sure, I'm supposed to love my country.

Hello, everyone! Issue #299 of my newsletter is out, with an overview of the business landscape, lots of retrogaming material, and something about the environment. Enjoy! notimetoplay.org/blog/weekly-l

Moving to the cloud does not increase your reliability, prevent downtimes, or defer maintenance. All of those are still a problem, and they're still your problem.

All it does is make it so when you have one of these problems, all you can do is wait for someone else's eng team to follow their policies for handling them.

"Cloud native" is an entirely different approach to software. This outage and what little they've explained about it is a dead sure sign Discord is not designed to be cloud tolerant.


me: discord seems quite
me: finds out discord is down by posts on mastodon


@ghost_bird Ooh, that would be the D&D flavor of toxic masculinity, rather than the "I actually think the society in Starship Troopers is a good idea" variety.

@ghost_bird You mean the Manly Man Club? I didn't last for a page in either book, but the female gaze is obvious. What is now a refreshing change probably repelled the typical straight boy who used to read sci-fi at the time.

@ghost_bird I'll try a couple of her books that I actually heard about, Voodoo Planet and Plague Ship. And what the hell is it with people dismissing YA fiction as somehow less worth reading? In my experience it often beats the grimdark crap authors churn out for "mature" audiences.

@ghost_bird Pleasant surprise to find her books on gutenberg.org (though not those two). And that's another author I didn't know was a woman. gutenberg.org/browse/authors/n

@notimetoplay I don’t think there’s a single origin, but A Bertram Chandler, Andre Norton, and Poul Anderson all wrote successful series about roguish free traders hopping from world to world back in the 1950s.

@ghost_bird Unsurprisingly, I never even heard of Bertram Chandler, never read anything by Andre Norton, and only touched Poul Anderson's time travel stories. Thanks! The more you know.

@ghost_bird I stand corrected. Now to figure out the origin of that particular trope.

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