@fluffy Well, yes, I meant in the way of syntax. The rabbit hole of semantics goes much deeper.

It just struck me that using `a[n][m]` to access elements from a 2D array in C-like languages isn't a construct added on purpose but an idiom, much like `else if`.

Don't be afraid to email a person whose games (or whatever) you like!

People who make today seem to be split in two camps: those who cling desperately to the Berlin Interpretation, and those who throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Dear developers: there are excellent reasons why ever since The Legend of Zelda all other RPGs have added 1) explicit facing and 2) a dedicated attack button. Both make things so much easier for programmer and player alike.

there is no class of authors which could stand to learn more from the field of queer literary theory than those who write straight smut

Whoa. Someone just bought three of my books on Gumroad, and left impressive tips where it was an option. An unusual mix, too.

A week later, my new game has a name. Got level generation to work, barring tweaks. And look stunning in 3D.

@webfreak I recently discovered DeaDBeeF. Didn't use it much yet, but early impressions are excellent. Very lightweight, featureful, with good UI, and it actually works.

employers: we value employees who speak their minds, are confident in their abilities, and know what they want from a position :)

me: i am confident enough in my skills that i deserve to be paid more than you just suggested.

employers: oh. oh no no no. god no. not like that,

Just fixed a major performance issue. It was only in Opera, and resolution-dependent. What did the trick? Lateral frustum culling. Saves a lot of drawing calls, you see.

Moral: don't count on your or API to handle for you. That's the programmer's job.

I adore seeing so many people working on so many projects that fall into the broad category of "nobody does that because it's too complicated to approach anymore and it'll never work anyway"

People designing new hardware architectures and operating systems and browser engines and networks and community spaces, y'all feed me and I'm always hungry.

Keep up the great yet popularly futile work.


Hello, everyone! Issue #302 of my newsletter is out, with a new screenshot and how-to, a review of an online book, and thoughts on AI in 2020. Thanks for reading! notimetoplay.org/blog/weekly-l

@capn_pancakes Ah. I've definitely heard that name. It's not relevant for your blog post anyway. You're right.

@capn_pancakes I have no idea who that guy is, but I'll try to be more thoughtful when blogging about games from now on.

@themightyglider Thank you! But the effort would be considerable, seeing how it's made up of multiple figures and Python scripts.

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