All right... this wasn't supposed to become a serious prototype... so much for that.

Dunno about you, but I love breathing new life into old games. In this case, Dungeon Romp:

You know what I don't post here nearly often enough? Art. Here's an old piece I made to illustrate a blog post. Used to have it on DeviantArt, but that site is dead to me. It's called The Anti-Menu. Enjoy!

And now for the second try. You wouldn't believe how much time it took to get those gridlines just right.

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First attempt at cover art for my upcoming book. Yeah, it needs work. We're talking 90 minutes of work up to this point.

Version 1.0 draws near! Tee-Wee Editor now has a second toolbar; I tweaked the widget layout to account for it. Makes the user interface kind of busy: a reason to refrain from adding much more.

Not three days later, my has most of its GUI in place, and a lot of it even works.

So, I went into a coding frenzy these two days and came up with the prototype of a lightweight for story data that looks and works more like a conventional desktop app.

It's alive! I got the port of Glittering Light 2 to actually run, and look decently.

TFW you're bracing for the strongest enemy in the game, but you can't even get past the weakest one.

In other news, the game is done barring bugs and such, and I'll release a (silent) version ASAP. Stay tuned.

Once I got the AI working, the rest is easier. Now you can even lose the game! Next, to solve the sudden difficulty spike following level 3.

It took several small additions, but my -in-progress now has a working minimap!

It took some work, but Glittering Light 2 now has a lo-fi mode. It muddies the , but works much better on slow computers.

And... my game now has a working menu screen! A useful diversion: it's a change of pace *and* makes the whole thing feel more real.

A week later, my new game has a name. Got level generation to work, barring tweaks. And look stunning in 3D.

Things I love about : discovering how best to use my own tools and engines that I invented.

By now it's probably safe to announce my new project: Kitty and the Sea, a walking simulator using the new format.

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