A week later, my new game has a name. Got level generation to work, barring tweaks. And look stunning in 3D.

Things I love about : discovering how best to use my own tools and engines that I invented.

By now it's probably safe to announce my new project: Kitty and the Sea, a walking simulator using the new format.

Who needs yet another expression calculator? Likely no-one. It was still fun to make, and taught me new things. Besides, gotta love those colorful buttons.

In happier news, my text-based port of Space Cruiser Orion is at last making visible progress. A good feeling.

It occurs to me I haven't shared a screenshot in way too long. So here's what an afternoon of tinkering just earned me:

Two more days of work, and I have a much more advanced demo, that showcases in-engine editing among other features.

After exactly two days of work, the EightWay Engine works about right, and I have a colorful demo to walk around in, complete with HUD.

It takes well under 200 lines of HTML and JS to render this image, and 70% of that is a reusable graphics engine:

After just a few days of work, the new ASCII Mapper can already open my old Electric Rogue maps.

One more day, and everything in the View menu works. Time for refactoring, because damn, GUI code can get real messy real quick.

Another morning of work, and the desktop edition of ASCII Mapper has a very nice, if not yet functional, GUI. (You can edit the map.)

Taking a break from this afternoon, but damn if these don't look good already:

Development on Attack Vector Zero: Cybersphere slowed down these days, so for now have a nice title screen. It's even animated!

It's taking shape quickly now that the foundations are laid. One 2.5D rail coming up!

It's been too long since I posted a screenshot from my work in progress , so here it is:

One month ago, I created some visual effects for a potential rail . Finally got around to putting them together.

It looks a lot more interesting in motion, but people seem to like the screenshot well enough. Might as well show everyone: it's a landscape scrolling effect for a retro rail shooter.

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