People who come to my website often go, "you've made so many games!"

Yes I did. Stop worrying and make games.

Some want to earn a living out of games.

Some want to get experience for a job.

Some want to create high art in a new medium.

Whatever. How were you hoping to achieve any of that?

Just make some games.

Games weren't even my goal. All those articles about game design, all those guides and tutorials, those were my goal. And I wrote many more of those than games.

But I couldn't have done any of that without the *living* experience of making games. Emphasis on living.

'Just do it!' is the best tipp you can give to everyone who is interested in doing any creative work.
Don't care so much for the result (at least at the beginning) and just enjoy the crative process. If you really love what you are doing you will increase your skills over time.
It is a lie that great works are created by persons who are especially gifted. Great works are done by people who love their craft and mastered it over the years because of their passion.

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