With my readership still in freefall (despite boosts from my wonderful followers), I've been thinking again of other places where I could post updates. A convenient but controversial option is Telegram, and I'd like to hear some opinions before giving them my phone number. Yay or nay?

@fluffy By server logs, compared to previous months. It's been going down for so long I'm surprised there still *is* any readership at all. Doesn't really matter, of course. It's not like I run ads or anything.

@notimetoplay I read (well, skim) via my feed reader which wouldn’t specifically appear in your logs since you have a full-text feed.

@fluffy Of course newsfeeds do! At the top, even, since they're the most requested pages on the site. I just have to divide by 4 or so for a rough estimate of daily readers.

@notimetoplay I mean, the number of hits you get to a feed has little bearing on how many people are actually reading them, since readers tend to poll a few times a day, but also readers pool subscribers together if they're sharing resources.

@fluffy And that's why I mostly just compare the overall hit/unique counts from month to month.

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