Hello, everyone! My news for 5 January 2021 are here, with Linux consoles, roguelikes, interactive fiction and more. Enjoy!

@notimetoplay lol now I want one of those handheld devices to play ! Probably won’t buy though since I can just run them on my pi or pocketChip I think.
I want to try the new ultima ratio regum. I always appreciated the dev’s comments on rogue like radio

@notimetoplay picked up your book. i didn't know you had written one. maybe make a "books" tab on your website!

@notimetoplay fwiw the previous model, the o-droid go advance, was a really popular handheld kit among hobbyists and sold out a few times. i think the issue with the super is not the OS but specs--people were hoping for something a bit more powerful considering its size.

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