Dear indie game developers: you realize that mainstream games get sustained marketing campaigns that last for years and cost more than the game itself? You can't just upload your game to Itch, toot about it once or twice and expect overnight success.

@notimetoplay also you can, if you want, just don't complain 😆

@notimetoplay the problem is mainstream game publishers have huge dedicated marketing departments filled with people who studied marketing in college. Indie companies have very small teams whose expertise lay elsewhere (development, art etc). They rely on word of mouth advertising so we gamers need to do more than telling devs to tweet about their game

@linuxpaulm And I am telling them to do more. To engage with others; to have their own websites; to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket. That's not even much at all, but many creators somehow expect to pick one marketplace, upload their game and wait.

Perhaps I should tell them that even at the food market you have to vocally advertise your wares.

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