Another thought: you know how many people don't seem to know there are many story formats to choose from? One solution would be prompting them to select one when creating a new project. You know, like every single IDE out there does.

@No Time To Play But what is the target audience of twine? If it is aiming for less technical users, just getting them in an writing might be the right choice for the audience. Requiring the user to select a story format may cause some to just give up.

@dulsi Which is probably why it silently picks a default. But the result is that even experienced game developers fail to realize they have a choice, and struggle to make their first Twine game with the entirely wrong format.

@dulsi And *then* you get beginners asking for help on forums and such, being surprised to even hear there *are* alternatives, and not being able to say what they're using. Luckily, it's *usually* Harlowe, or else more experienced people can guess from a code sample.

@dulsi And the problem with that is, people ask for help with Twine, report bugs in Twine, blog about their experiences with Twine... when in fact Twine is just the IDE. That's like calling yourself a VSCode programmer.

@No Time To Play There are people who can't create a makefile and have only used VS. They are probably more technical than the people Twine is trying to attract. I'm not saying Twine can't do better to educate the users but I'm not sure a "select story format" is the best solution.

@dulsi So... all the issues I pointed out, created by beginners being given too little information... meant absolutely nothing?

@No Time To Play I didn't say that at all. Given the audience I think getting them started without a lot of complicated questions is advantageous. How you then inform them of all the features is a question. I don't know what the best solution for that is.
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