Short article... but sadly true.
It's exactly what I see. I'm using Linux myself on daily basis. Not to feel smart but because it feels like computing in the 90s did before everything was hidden behind a fancy GUI and people lost more and more control and understanding of the mashines they used.
But over time I feel less and less confortable with the comunity around Linux and FOSS. There seems to be only drama all the time. And nothing creative seems to happen anymore.

@themightyglider Same here. Been using Linux for 19 years now. Not because it's cool, but because it stays put and lets me work, instead of acting condescendingly like MacOS or making me jump through hoops like Windows. More and more however I want to see what things look like on the BSD and/or Haiku side of the fence.

Yes, me too.
At the moment I use puppy linux a lot because it is a small community driven distro thats just fun to use.


@themightyglider You too, eh? Clearly those people are onto something.

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