Why do I like coding in Basic so much? Just for having grown up with the language? Or because it really was designed from the ground up to make programming fun?

What variant of BASIC do you use? I coded a bit in FreeBASIC some years ago.

@themightyglider I dabbled in FreeBasic too, briefly, but soon moved to sdlBasic, that's been a big thing for me in recent years. And now I'm learning BaCon as well.

How well does sdlBASIC on mordern computers? Their website dosn't look like it is still well maintained. But I could be wrong about this.

I'd love to play a bit around with something that feels "old school" like sdlBASIC.

@themightyglider Unofficial 64-bit builds were just released, and work except for music. But if you're on Linux, many distributions have an old version in the repos, and Windows has good support for legacy 32-bit software. Performance is hard to estimate, but seems surprisingly good for an interpreted language. The community is small, but present and welcoming.

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