Hello, everyone! Issue #288 of my newsletter is out, with a rant on modern hardware, another on difficulty settings, a different way of making games for the NES and a discussion of game genres. Enjoy!

@notimetoplay I don't know how to phrase this in a less accusatory fashion; but the way you say "only kiddies care about challenge" seems dismissive to me.

Especially in the context of a blog post where a dev acknowledges that they can do a better job about giving players more choice, too.

I do care about challenge as a major, primary fun factor, and I'm an adult. I don't want you to conform to my preferences, or even really care much for them, but... I exist.

@suivran Fair enough. In my defense, I'm bitter about this after hearing many, many insults addressed to people who *don't* enjoy a challenge. Makes it easy to forget some people can be mature about this issue.

@notimetoplay That's fair! I know that's the current climate, so I usually don't accost people just venting about it.

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