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"Haskell/OCaml/some other FP meme: it is not possible to write useful programs in these languages"

Haskell: git-annex, Propellor, xmonad, pandoc, shellcheck
Clojure: Riemann, Jepsen, Datomic
Erlang: rabbitmq, SimpleDB, WhatsApp, ejabberd, CouchDB

Plenty of companies built stuff with these languages too. Just saying. Maybe you can't write useful programs in these languages. That's you. Not the language.


subtoot, functional programming, ranty 

@algernon I don't even like any of those languages, and I can still point out more examples. Isn't Pleroma written in Erlang too?

subtoot, functional programming, ranty 

@notimetoplay No idea. I just listed a few things off the top of my head - there's plenty more out there.

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