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there's gotta be a youtube makeup channel called "lip college"

Can someone explain to me (in simple terms) how federation and posts work?

It's no secret I have alts. But I follow all my alts from this account (in case there's something I want to boost). But I know if I make a genius post from this account that it seems to be random if my alts will pull the post (I don't mutual myself because I post too much, so I mean if I search for this account and and look at posts).

I don't really want advice, I just want to understand how it works.


PSA: Today marks the end of support for Windows 7 by Microsoft.

What this means: You can still use W7, but Microsoft will no longer release security patches for it, no matter how serious the problem.

This means that your system is vulnerable to attack, starting today and getting progressively worse as time goes on. What exactly these attacks look like and how bad they'll be we don't know.

Its recommended you not use W7 connected to the internet, and upgrade to 8 or 10 ASAP.

Stewart Lee (is good), Bad UK "comedians" (are bad), hate symbols in illustration (are unfortunate) 

"It's Tony Hawk Pro Skater, except they're not Tony Hawk, they're definitely not pros, and nobody's invented a skateboard yet."

I need to set up a domain name that sounds vaguely like a homegrown-porn site and have every possible path redirect to the image, so that streamers who are harassed for nudes can link to it as a honeypot.

So, I'm reading Voyage of the Basset by James Christensen on twitch right now.

Showing off the pictures and doing voices.

It's a beautifully painted mythology story!


birdsite, capitalism, cursed, lewd 

"Tell me something, if you wanted to get ahold of a dead goat at this hour of night, where would you go?"

"To a psychiatrist!"

@InspectorCaracal Responding from here because now I can't get the reply modal - here's an issue that might help you figure out what to change:

(summary: revert "this probably won't do anything" and change the id of the Planet theme to "planetdark", and then restart - either misskey or the machine, I'm not sure - and it might start working properly?)

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