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One of these days I should watch "The Greatest Showman".

I'm a sucker for "Don't you want weapons and armor to fight me?" "Oh, no, I'll take yours when you're through with them."

I tried to watch Star Trek (2009) on Amazon Prime with ads, and I will be honest: they have just stuck 90 seconds of ads in every X minutes, regardless of whether or not it makes sense to take a break there.

I noped out when they interrupted the destruction of the Kelvin to sell me Reese's Cups.

Watching Star Trek Generations. Geordi, you dick, Data pushing Beverly into the ocean after she told him to "live in the moment" and "be spontaneous" was 100% funny and you know it.

Aquarium platform shoes, only with the little parasite aliens from Stargate inside instead of fish.

There's go'a'uld in them thar heels.

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(Yes, ξένος also meant "stranger", "foreigner", or - heh - "hired help, mercenary", but "guest-friend" was its primary meaning.)

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Apropos what @WizardOfDocs just posted: ξένος, as an adjective in Hellenic Greek, meant "foreign" or "strange, unusual". It's where we get the English prefix "xeno-".

But as a noun, ξένος had a remarkably different meaning: it meant "guest" or "host", in the sense of "one receiving/presenting hospitality". Prof. Heiny, my Classical Studies teacher, liked to translate it as "guest-friend"; your ξένος was someone whom you could rely upon to provide hospitality, and to whom you were obliged to provide hospitality in return.

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(She's not upset that she doesn't grow. She's very happy that she's not getting smaller.)

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I like to think that every week or two, MB13 very carefully lines herself up on the doorway, puts a ruler level on her head, and draws a line where it meets the doorway, exactly where she's drawn it every other time.

hah, I just realized that business owners are whining because prospective employees won't essentially work For Exposure

"Look at this! What is it?"
"I'm surprised you've forgotten, my lord."
"I haven't forgotten, it's a rhetorical question."
"Nah, it's a potato."

"Look, Percy, the return of Sir Walter 'Ooh-What-A-Big-Ship-I've-Got' Raleigh is of supreme indifference to me."

Going through six years of photos on my phone, I found screenshots from the time I said was a bad idea and contrary to the stated values of the fediverse, blocked it, and immediately got a handful of homophobic, transphobic, slur-ridden emails from the owner trying to punish me for speaking out against them.

Good morning / folks! A question from my father:

Is there a way to set up a Mac, akin to Remote Desktop on Windows, so that you can control it from another device regardless of whether or not it's on the same local network?

We know about Switch Control, but that appears to only work on the local network (see ). We're looking for something we can use remotely.

Any ideas (including broadening the scope of Switch Control)?

I can't remember whose joke "Garth Vader" is. I heard it in college in the late 90s.

"C'mon over to the Dark Side, Luke, it'll be a hoot!"

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