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Apropos what @WizardOfDocs just posted: ξένος, as an adjective in Hellenic Greek, meant "foreign" or "strange, unusual". It's where we get the English prefix "xeno-".

But as a noun, ξένος had a remarkably different meaning: it meant "guest" or "host", in the sense of "one receiving/presenting hospitality". Prof. Heiny, my Classical Studies teacher, liked to translate it as "guest-friend"; your ξένος was someone whom you could rely upon to provide hospitality, and to whom you were obliged to provide hospitality in return.

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(She's not upset that she doesn't grow. She's very happy that she's not getting smaller.)

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I like to think that every week or two, MB13 very carefully lines herself up on the doorway, puts a ruler level on her head, and draws a line where it meets the doorway, exactly where she's drawn it every other time.

hah, I just realized that business owners are whining because prospective employees won't essentially work For Exposure

"Look at this! What is it?"
"I'm surprised you've forgotten, my lord."
"I haven't forgotten, it's a rhetorical question."
"Nah, it's a potato."

"Look, Percy, the return of Sir Walter 'Ooh-What-A-Big-Ship-I've-Got' Raleigh is of supreme indifference to me."

Going through six years of photos on my phone, I found screenshots from the time I said was a bad idea and contrary to the stated values of the fediverse, blocked it, and immediately got a handful of homophobic, transphobic, slur-ridden emails from the owner trying to punish me for speaking out against them.

Good morning / folks! A question from my father:

Is there a way to set up a Mac, akin to Remote Desktop on Windows, so that you can control it from another device regardless of whether or not it's on the same local network?

We know about Switch Control, but that appears to only work on the local network (see ). We're looking for something we can use remotely.

Any ideas (including broadening the scope of Switch Control)?

I can't remember whose joke "Garth Vader" is. I heard it in college in the late 90s.

"C'mon over to the Dark Side, Luke, it'll be a hoot!"

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New episode of Shattered Soulstone is up! Episode 308 is called "Diablo III Anniversary". I talked about Diablo III, Diablo Immortal, and stuff from the Diablo Community. Also talked about getting my first COVID shot.

image description: A large crystal is shattering into smaller pieces. Above it are the words "Shattered Soulstone".

Stegasaugraphy is the art of hiding messages in dinosaurs

Figured out as soon as I started typing the question: it was Adventure Time that described the smell of a fresh spool of CD-ROMs as "electric lettuce".

"White says when Lancelot was in a joust in disguise he'd purposely ride poorly, showing sun at his seat, until just before impact when he'd bear down properly; and the audience - and, most likely, the unfortunate opponent - would go, 'Ah, Lancelot!' at the last moment. One of my earliest memories is of my father or someone from his family saying of Jack Benny's violin playing, 'You have to be good to be that bad.'"

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Any #ProceduralGeneration history nerds on here? In 1995 I tried college. It didn't work. But in the UMR bookstore I saw a textbook on procedural generation of cities that blew my little mind. I sadly didn't get it (I couldn't splurge textbooks at the time), and now I can't find it. I've tried several times, but no luck.

I know there are other ones out now. Maybe they're better. But I wanna know what the standard textbook for that topic was in 1995.

Anyone happen to know?

Anyway, I mention this because in some of the text that accompanies the comics, Paul uses "redact" in a way I'm not sure I'd run across before - I know it primarily in its "to censor, to black out or remove parts of a document while releasing the remainder" meaning. But sure enough, "to reduce to form, as literary matter; to digest and put in shape (matter for publication); to edit" is right there as definition 3, and "to gather or organize works or ideas into a unified whole; to collect, order, or write in a written document or to put into a particular written form" is, though obsolete, still listed. (And of course those definitions fit what he's talking about - the gathering of the Arthuriana stories into a coherent whole!) So thanks, Paul, for teaching me a new meaning for a familiar word!

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