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"It's hard to think that the most testosterone-driven program in television history is introduced by 'Jessica', by the Allman Brothers. And that's the most interesting fact... in the world."

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I got a letter addressed to "Noëlle" today. Gotta love character-encoding failures.

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"This is the only time in my entire programming life that I've debugged a problem caused by quantum mechanics."

My Hardest Bug Ever, by Dave Baggett:

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You can make anything into sci-fi by putting the word "Space" in front of it.

Space Ship
Space Cowboy
Space Invader
Space Shark :spaceshark:
Space Bar
... wait ...

Serious question: who's running these days? I know mavica's blocked me, but I haven't seen Sam post in months, and I assume someone is paying the bills...

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if you like my work, consider supporting my by buying me a coffee:

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Does anyone out there own a copy of Blue's Blues: Blue's Birthday Adventure? There's two things I'm interested in.
1) Which cover variant you have. There seem to be at least two versions of the cover and disc art, I'm trying to figure out which one is a reprint. Mine has a closed thinking pad and bichromatic discs, I'm also seeing copies with an open thinking pad and monochromatic discs.

Haurchefant is like an elephant except not so ele or ph

you gotta check yourself before you shrek yourself

On the one hand, I want to try Pokemon Sw/Sh. On the other hand, I've never finished a Pokemon game. >_>

I have seen "we have rules against doxxing so you can't report my hate crimes to the authorities or use screenshots of them as evidence against me" in the wild.

werewolf bar mitzvah
spooky, scary
boys becoming men
men becoming wolves

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Can today be a day where we are kind to each other?

I'd like that.

It's weird that "The Social Network" is now almost twice as old as Facebook was when "The Social Network" came out.

The only thing I'm going to say about this: if you're going to stay friends with harmful people because "it's the only way to get them to change", you have to actually try to convince them to change. If you aren't actively, vocally pushing back on their harmful behaviors, then you're not trying to get them to change, you're providing reinforcement that what they're doing is okay, and people are going to be in the right to not stay friends with you because your behavior - tolerating the harm your friends are doing - is itself harmful.

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