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Hasn't gone away after... um, 30+ hours. Not an effect of how I'm holding my arm. Not a relic of the tightness of the bandage. I'm starting to think this thumb numbness - this thnumbness - is at least semi-permanent.

...huh. Rewrapped the surgical incision and 90% of the pain went away. I guess the nurse's wrap yesterday was too tight. :oh_no:

The undefined but rock-hard conglomerate that looks like a heap of snow in our cul-de-sac has claimed another car bumper, it seems.

Imagine going to a cardiology referral because you have cardiomyopathy, and when you get there, you're told that they actually scheduled you with an intern, who hands you a print-out of the WebMD page about heart disease and calls "next".

Once you've got that in your mind, imagine that cardiomyopathy is so socially stigmatized that you're terrified to admit in public that you're seeing a cardiologist, people have made "cardy" jokes on network TV in recent memory, and many influential people openly accuse you of lying because "nobody really has cardiomyopathy, they just don't like how their heart beats".

thank you @noelle for this beautiful artwork showing exactly what i do to @InspectorCaracal on a regular basis

The explanation involving King Edward I and his pea-shelling serfs holds little water, I'm afraid; if it were actually true we'd expect "green thumb" to have appeared in the 1300s, rather than in the 1940s when it actually showed up.

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The proverbial "green thumb" apparently most likely stems from a combination of two factors:

  • The algae that grows on the outside of earthenware pots will stain a gardener's fingers green
  • The existing proverb, dating at least as far back as Chaucer, that "An honest miller has a golden thumb"

These likely combined to create our modern gardening expression.

(source: )

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Today's train of thought: "my thumb is still numbed from yesterday's nerve blocker and/or surgery" -> "heh, 'numb thumb'" -> "I wonder what having a numb thumb would indicate in contrast to having a proverbial green thumb" -> "why is it a green thumb, anyway?"

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They should make soup hats. Like beer hats, but they dispense warm soup for when you're outside on cold days.


Mick Mulvaney, Elaine Chao, and now Betsy DeVos have resigned in the wake of Wednesday's coup attempt, and Pence, McConnell, and Lindsey Graham have all publicly sided against him. Trump is hemorrhaging supporters. You love to see it.

BEWARE etc. etc. I haven't had enough coffee to do the full sinistar :blobcoffee:

It's really difficult to not move your arm when every nerve from your shoulder to your fingertips feels like it should be twitching at minimum.

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Speaking of the nerve-blocker, that was a hell of an experience! They spent about a minute trying to find the right spot to inject it where I just felt some dull pressure at the base of my neck, and then all of a sudden it was like lightning down my entire arm and they went "yup, that's the spot".

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From Futility Closet:

...2021 is the product of consecutive primes: 2021 = 43 × 47.

It’s the first time this has happened since 1763 (= 41 × 43), and it won’t happen again until 2491 (= 47 × 53).

Most of the motor control and sensation has returned to my left arm and hand, but the meat of my thumb is still numb, and I'm hoping that's just lingering nerve-blocker and not a permanent effect of the surgery.

LB: Happy birthday to @flurry, my first botbaby, started two years ago today.

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