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I wish I could remember the Spider Robinson garden-path story whose punchline was "OB Juan's kin, Obie".

I can't believe 2019 was only ten years ago

Hm. Ever since my desk collapsed I can't find my tablet stylus.

Niwri intended to be a druid like her mother, but instead she found out how to connect with low-Int animals, and now she's dedicated her life to protecting them - no matter where their origins are.

(Spell her name backwards.)

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No, Niwri doesn't have the wave beam. You can't have both at once!

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Fun fact: I have a D&D ranger/fighter (arcane archer) with a little Parasite beast companion (attaches to enemies and drains their life) and the ability to fire a bursting arrow (missile) and a grappling arrow (ice beam).

I am always really, really pleased when I find Metroid music remixes that sound like the composer actually listened to the source music.

Is reportlab the best PDF-creation module for Python if all I care about is document size and the placement of text and images? About to come back from break! Join our charity D&D stream and help us raise money for the Transgender Law Center!

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"Wait a minute... a SunOS Sendmail banner?" The Case of the 500-Mile Email:

Today I actually wrote a script. It's not a useful script - it's a silly little Rock-Paper-Scissors game that keeps track of your last hundred moves and uses that to determine what it's going to choose (so if you have a preference for one answer, it's shallowly going to figure that out) - but it's actual code, which is more than I've been able to do in a while. Starting NOW! Hop on in and help us raise money for the Transgender Law Center... with D&D! .

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Bill S. Taft and Ted "Theodore" Roosevelt

Proof that there are no uninteresting numbers:

If there is more than one uninteresting number, then there's a largest and a smallest uninteresting number, and those are interesting qualities.

If there's only one uninteresting number, that's an interesting quality.

When I was in my first year in college (back in 1997), I decided one lovely late-August evening to walk around campus for a while.

The lamps along the footpaths had fresnel-style lenses (perhaps prism lighting?) instead of plain glass, which diffused the light while maintaining the area illumination so you didn't hurt your eyes looking at the bulbs through the glass.

It took me a minute to realize the flaw when I thought "they really need to increase the resolution on those lights, they don't look realistic at all".

(In a very real sense, Mountain King is a spiritual predecessor to Shadow of the Tomb Raider.)

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