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  1. 'living fossils' that have just been chilling like forever in the same form. eat shit coelocanths! you look like noobs next to horseshoe crabs!!!!

  2. got blood that looks like the blue milk luke skywalker drinks

  3. you owe them a great debt for making your medicines safe! YES, YOU.

every single thing that is injected into you is tested with an enzyme from horseshoe crab blood. this is how we're able to check to make sure things like insulin, vaccines, etc. aren't contaminated with bacteria!

we can safely capture horseshoe crabs and have them donate a little bit of their blood for this. some horseshoe crabs still sadly die from the stress of this, but i think it's pretty cool that this is an animal we depend upon for something really important in science, but we don't gotta kill them!

they can be big! they can be small! BUT REMEMBER TO APPRECIATE THEM ALL!!!

horseshoe crabs!!!!!

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oh man i am like three things back about things i promised to do tomorrow. but still.

guess what day it is today, fuckers.


that's right.


I can always tell when people I follow are boosting a lot because all of a sudden my Home timeline drops to, like, three posts.

Of the 2,256 users registered on Elekk, 163 have been active in the last 7 days, and 195 have been active in the last 30 days. (I'm pretty sure four or five of those are me, between my admin account and the bots I run. :P)

One more thought: if you're A, and you find out that someone's telling B what you're saying about them:

  • consider not saying anything about B? You cut them out of your life for a reason; there's no reason for you to let them live in your head rent-free.
  • remember that B may not be soliciting this gossip and might not want it at all! The intermediary might be passing this information against both your wishes.
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And like @maloki said, if you're B in this scenario: please just let it go, and tell whoever's telling you what A is saying that you blocked them for a reason and you don't want to hear about it. Resist the urge to respond. It's okay. You cut A out of your life, don't let anyone try to stitch them back in.

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Can today be a day where we are kind to each other?

I'd like that.

Fedi, I have a favor to ask.

Let's say you know two people, A and B. A and B aren't talking to each other; they've cut communications (e.g. A has blocked B and vice versa). And let's say A has said something about B.


It's not helpful. It doesn't make anyone's life better. It's just shit-stirring and causing drama.

There's a reason A and B aren't seeing what each other are saying. Leave it that way. Please?

Does anyone knows where one could #commission a 3D artist for making a high polygon armor set for a pre-existing character model?

I'm helping a friend with a project.

"Do you think if someone was afraid of Obama they'd be called Baracknophobic?"

(I do not know any people named "Sharon" as far as I know. The last line is a joke and definitely not directed at you.)

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Updates to the Guide are often inspired by goings-on in the fediverse, but should not be interpreted as being directed at a particular person or group of people. I try my hardest to give general advice and helpful hints, and while I don't make a secret of my authorial bias, I try not to let myself direct any comments in the Guide at anyone in particular.


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a forced meta joke in questionable taste 

I'm going to tell everyone who invites me to a Halloween party this year that I'll attend, and then afterward, when they ask where I was, I'll tell them I dressed up as (i.e. nonexistent).

Have I Locked My Computer Or Does This Program Just Not Display A Progress Bar: The Linux Experience

Discord just "links are spoopy"-ed at me because I tried to open a URL hosted at...

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