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we're coming closer and closer towards the truth y'all. with credit to my coauthors @magicalmilly and @revolverocelot , here is... a theoretical ULTIMATE DAD OUTFIT:

  1. novelty socks that are printed to look like you're wearing socks with sandals, worn underneath a pair of white new balance sneakers

  2. cargo khakis of the type where you can unzip them halfway down the leg to create shorts

  3. hawaiian shirt of improbable print showing something that has absolutely nothing to do with hawaii

  4. grilling apron printed to look like you are a big strong muscle man

  5. one of those fanny packs that is printed to look like a beer belly - worn, naturally, on top of the apron

fediverse: we don't have a racism problem

also fediverse: that entire instance full of black, latinx, and indigenous people is evil because sometimes they use words we don't like

how do i know whether i'm having a borderline episode or it's pms

i like how microwave manufacturers invented the popcorn button just so microwave popcorn manufacturers could include "do not use the popcorn function of your microwave" in the instructions

There are snakes in my computer. It's ok, though, they're just binary adders

gun safety, good quote 

"Guns are always loaded, especially when they aren't."

You're drifting in The Shock Sector.
A small planet with maroon coloured oceans is nearby and two outposts attack each in a fierce battle.

If you ever need to work remote and/or want a mobile work from home setup that doesn't suck for video conferences and the like

Click the link 😉

This is my current setup and I've been using it for quite some time while COVID keeps me working remote

Hey it’s my birthday next week and I’d really like to get a new phone. My current one eats battery and runs sluggish. If you wanna chip in a few bucks as a present that’d help a bunch.$fillertrack

scotus, abortion 

SCOTUS struck down the Louisiana law preventing a doctor from working in an abortion clinic if they didn't have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, so expect another round of conservative meltdowns!

who's got two thumbs and has paws


*looks back and forth at paws, distressed*

me, pointing at coffee pot: this is my hole. it was made for me

mods are still awake, be kind to each other anyway, you know it's the best way to be

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