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This is apparently a known bug in Gnome+Ubuntu 18/19.10, which is what my desktop environment is based on, so I guess I have to live with it unless I want to switch environments (and I don't).

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Well, that's an exciting new discovery. Trying to switch to another language input *by any means* locks my display up. (The mouse cursor still moves, I can switch to a terminal just fine, but I can't interact with anything on the screen.)

I dunno what happened, but I guess I don't get to type in Greek or Japanese anymore!

Fun fact: "cherry" is a spurious singular, back-formed from the assumed plural "cerise".

today is my birthday, so I (respectfully) demand tons of clout

hey peeps
this is my passion project! You can support it and get exclusive art and development participation. You can also include you, your pet or your house in the game #indiedev #gamedev

Pack Tactics S2 Ep 32: Stakeout

"It's hard to parse if you're saying 'dramatic' or 'traumatic' and for your character both are equally likely."

"Correction, for this CAMPAIGN both are equally likely."

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i wonder how many people got into retro games because of #RegularShow or #StevenUniverse

cc #RetroGaming ?

"Turns out there are two faults in the system: Adam and Jamie."

Reading bad fanfic.

Honestly, probably communist Harry or My Immortal

But it might be from a random fandom.

Come and you'll know.

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I bought a bottle of Faygo Red Pop for nostalgia's sake (I had a friend who was really into it in college) and I had forgotten just how cloying it is. I'd almost rather just be eating straight sugar. :blobdizzy:


Woke from a dream where I was playing with puppies and kittens.

That's all. It was just a really nice dream. :)

Holy cow, TIL a properly-timed loudspeaker in Mario Kart 8 will kill a blue shell :blobeyes:

"That doesn't just raise an eyebrow. The eyebrow flies away, never to be seen again."

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