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asking for help for a friend 

Updates: begging for money 

Moving Fund 

Casual reminder that Lovecraft wrote a short story where the horrifying, society-destroying revelation at the end of the tale is not that the attractive woman is secretly a literal Greek-myth gorgon (which she is), but that she *had a black ancestor*.

my college's fight song 

I keep seeing Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley doing commercials together and wondering where James May is

saying “please leave me to my studies” and then continuing to watch youtube tiktok compilations on mute in the dark

death, music 

Never date a tennis player. 

#coloring #drawings today. Just one. This turned out more involved than I originally thought but hey, I think it's deffo an improvement.

"I'm still convinced that Dwarf Fortress isn't a game so much as a prank that has been going on for a decade at this point."

alternate universe d&d called mineshafts and marmots

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