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What could I do to make my Patreon more attractive to patrons?

(I am not good at art, so this will be a Me Learning process.)
(I do not promise to be good at writing.)
(Do people even WANT coding streams?)
(If something else, leave a comment!)

masto design bad idea 

masto design bad idea 

Those "you get a car for Christmas" commercials just make me wonder how absurdly wealthy that family is that they can afford to *surprise* their spouse with a brand-new car

Trump impeachment articles, silly 

They call me Dr speeps

I'm not a real Dr but I'm asleeps

So open couple of questions about #DnD;

1) how stoked are people about the Forgotten Realms? Like, are you delighted by the prospect of serving Lurue, Sune or Sharess against the Zhents or Shadovars in Baldur’s Gate... or are you more “ehhh generic setting with powerful NPCs we can never match”?

2) how do you feel about lycanthropes and vampires in non-Ravenloft-non-gothic D&D?

...which I now realize is some of the plot to "Into the Spider-Verse"

spider-man's master plan
build his own little spider clan
in the woods, now they're troops
fighting for special-interest groups

asking for help, need clean drinking water for next 3 weeks 

DuckTales S1 mild spoiler 

"Okay, we have a black narrative lead, are you happy no-- what do you mean they have to STAY black throughout the whole movie"

lookin' at you, "Princess and the Frog", "Spies in Disguise", and now "Soul"

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