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Looking for a job, and having a job are both the goddamned worst.

Jobs: the worst

I just described World of Goo as

"the physics game with a storyline about the systemic flaws within consumer capitalism"

and I enjoyed the description so much I wanted to repost it here for you to enjoy

furries who can attend cons and/or have fursuits, or as i like to call them, the purr-geoisie,

hey throwback to when i made this shirt and some people bought it

i think people should buy it again to celebrate

there's stickers and phone cases and mugs too

Casual Sex implies the existence of Ranked Competitive Sex

okay yes i'm under a comforter but where can i get.... the comfortest?

so what's the best open-source Git host that's NOT funding child prisons

Mintbot is a better dril parody of myself than I'd ever be

Mega Man III's "Magnet Man" theme is still close to the top of my list for what can be done with the NES sound chip. Fujita did a fantastic job with the four available channels.

Who's the dark priest of night
Who brought Dracula back to life?
You're damn right

historical uspol, swears 

historical uspol, swears 

@noelle snake: big dick energy to turn off boosts and favorites, for some bees

...the penultimate and ultimate bosses of a :dnd: adventure I'm designing just popped, unbidden, into my head, and suddenly I know exactly how the rest of the adventure needs to go.

It's really weird when that happens.

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