Trying to use this account's broader reach for good:

"Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland", a new platformer inspired both by Winsor McCay's original strips and by the 1990 Capcom NES game, has 59 hours left on its Kickstarter with $8k left until its goal. Please check it out:

@andresmh @karger If there are public (not Unlisted) posts being posted by people on your instance that aren't appearing on your local timeline, that is indeed a bug and I encourage you to submit a report here:

@andresmh @karger The local timeline is not specific to your account. It's all full-visibility posts that have been posted by any user on your instance; it will appear the same to every user on your instance (unless you've muted or blocked someone on your instance, and then their posts won't appear for you and only you).

No one who's not on your instance will appear on the local timeline even if you follow them, and no post that's been posted with less than full visibility (i.e. Unlisted, Followers-Only, or Direct) will appear there.

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Handmade Elekk plushie for sale! 

Would you like your very own Warcraft Pet? Then I have just the plushie for you! Made with my own pattern, based off of in-game images. Made of pale blue polyester fleece fabric, white fleece horns, large pale pink button eyes and polyester hollow fiber filling. 40cm long, 30cm high, 20cm wide approx. Not suitable for young children.

£45 for UK, plus shipping for international. Email for shipping info and invoicing.

@magicalmilly @SapphicGiraffic All four instances are suspended, I've set them no-delivery in the back end, and I've set the web server to reject connection attempts from them. Let me know if there's any more issues with the instance lagging and I'll set Cloudflare back up.

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Hey MastoFam,

I was gonna wait til the week of my birthday (April 21) to do a post but given how rough things are rn,

All I really want for my bday is to be able to get through the next month or so financially as I'm down to my last $50 in the bank and I'd rather my husband not have to worry about that stuff while his dad is in critical care.

my paypal is
cashapp and venmo are both xenocat
and my ko-fi supports stripe

#crowdfunding #begpost #mutualaid

Don't you remember?

We built this instance on rock and roll.

@SapphicGiraffic I suppose I never got around to adding one while I was in charge. I dunno why, it just never occured to me.

@magicalmilly @SapphicGiraffic just saw this. For what it's worth, the way mastodon works (or is supposed to work) is that if we have suspended, we also have * suspended. If you were seeing posts from mk.imnotgonnatrytospellit then there's a bug in the code that needs to be looked at. :/

@Morgan This is an error and I'm working hard on correcting it.

@SapphicGiraffic Yes. There was an error in updating that I'm working now to fix.

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Its the obligatory coin cup shake post as I need some financial help paying for an upcoming surgery!

I take commissions and donations here:

I also have Venmo and cash app, both xenocat.

The surgery total is around $700 but honestly anything will help at this point.

I feel bad asking yet again but I honestly don’t know what else to do.

(Details in following posts)

@magicalmilly @sith_shenanigans Anyone who uploads a new avatar (even if it's the same as the old one!) will show up.

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