If you have some spare, would you please send some cash @magicalmilly 's way? They were unable to work last week thanks to Hurricane Nicholas, and they're getting jerked around by unemployment, and their birthday is next week, and ... they could just use something nice in their life.


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mutual aid request, income issues 

i do actually really need money to make it through the next couple weeks so if anyone has anything to throw my way and feels so inclined,

i am working retail during the pandemic and have been struggling to make ends meet bc i've been getting so few hours and on top of that got screwed out of my $200 bonus i was supposed to get as an incentive to work during pandemic

my kofi is ko-fi.com/bugpaws
my cash app is $xenocat
and my venmo is @xenocat

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Crowdfunding money for a new iPad because mine is getting a bit dodgy on the battery life and it is how I make art for a living

I added a goal to Ko-fi for an iPad Pro 12.9 for my freelance work ko-fi.com/bugpaws

#mutualaid #freelance

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The final ask from milly

I have a job that pays enough

My training paycheck (and some donations) have carried me through car explosions and HAD gotten me enough for rent.

And then the baby i live with got to take an er trip this morning.

And i got to buy medicine, food, supplies for her.

And it took me just under my threshold for rent and gas. Mandatory but aggravating.

I literally can pay you back on August 5th if need be. But that is right when rent late fees arrive.

If you can, a few bucks would be grand.


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Also my husband is getting fucking surgery and I have to take care of him along with work long shifts at work thanks HOA

If you wanna help me afford getting someone to come mow,

Venmo @xenocat

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Good news: I'm going to be a grandparent. Bad news: my eldest and her wife are in serious financial difficulties. Please help a disabled Jewish lesbian and her trans wife through a difficult pregnancy. gofundme.com/f/help-us-during- #mutualaid

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I finally have the game I was working for a godot game jam up on itch. Starscan is a non-violent retro-inspired exploration game and almost all of it is procedurally generated in some capacity. It's not a game style for everyone, but if it's interesting to you, and you'd like to help shake out some bugs and maybe share your impressions, here's a pre-release download link for the fediverse! :)

reading English required


lmk if the link breaks. I'm new to publishing on itch.io and have no idea what I'm doing and it is fantastic.

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um i dont wanna like beg or anything but im probably gonna be going back to work and i need some new shirts that aren't like... you know... girl clothes :x

cashapp $xenocat

It's been a couple weeks, so just a reminder that if you want to find me, I'm at @noelle now. :blobwave:

@porsupah @Leucrotta I've requested this but have not heard back; I'm being patient because it's a weekend (and a holiday weekend in the US, at that).

One more time:

I'm moving my primary account to @noelle . It has been a lovely four years here at Elekk but what I need right now is my own little asteroid in the vast fediverse.

You are welcome to follow me there, but please do so because you're interested in me as a person and not because you think I have influence on Mastodon or the fediverse in general. I'd like to be able to just be me, please.

Also, be aware that I'm not going to be posting there or following anyone for a while - I'm still in my hermitage, I just wanted to let you know what my new plans are.

(Also also, Elekk isn't going anywhere. Just to be clear.)

@porsupah @thamesynne For what it's worth, it's not just archaic jargon - "begging the question" is a poor translation of a questionable translation. It started in Greek with Aristotle's τὸ ἐν ἀρχῇ αἰτεῖσθαι , which meant "postulating/assuming the original (point)". This got translated into Latin as "petitio principii", where "petitio" had a jargon meaning of "postulate" but a broader meaning of "beg, beseech, request" (hence "petition"). And when that was translated into English in the 16th century, "petitio" became "beg" and "principii" became "question" in its meaning, now largely lost, as "a subject under consideration" (e.g. "To be or not to be; that is the question").

So it's easy to argue, in fact, that people who are "using it correctly" still aren't using it correctly!

@Gargron I was playing that earlier this evening! And looking forward to having enough in my bank account to get "Below Zero" for my kid. :)

@wigglytuffitout As it happens, I know the answer.

It's the better of the two.

No, I won't tell you which that is.

I would be happiest, I think, if my role in the world were to bring the extraordinary and amazing to the attention of the people around me.

One of these days I should watch "The Greatest Showman".

I'm a sucker for "Don't you want weapons and armor to fight me?" "Oh, no, I'll take yours when you're through with them."

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