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Has anyone tried Penzy's Old Bay style blend? Is it any good? I'm gonna order a quarter cup jar to try.

@revolverocelot Please feel free to talk about it here. I'll look sternly at anyone who complains. <3

re: gross-out internet meme (no image) 

@drwho Knowing Charlie, probably.

gross-out internet meme (no image) 

a non-orientable goatse.cx: or, a Klein butthole

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Friends, we are in trouble.

We no longer need to tag Milly in toots.

She appears anyway.

She has grown too powerful.

Even the :milly:​ emoji has spread to multiple instances.

Heck, there's even one on my Discord. I wasn't the one who put it there.

I don't know if there is anything we can do to stop her now.

Check it out: @viTekiM's Vector Hat Studios has unearthed another forgotten classic arcade game: what R-COIL was to Asteroids and Byte Driver was to Rad Racer, Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is to Berzerk and Robotron: 2084. Fight your way through rooms filled with rampaging robots, armed with a variety of music cannons that fire to the relentless beat of the disco soundtrack.

Check out the demo here: vectorhat.itch.io/rldd-demo

And back the Kickstarter here: kickstarter.com/projects/miket?

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@Jo Head-mounted lights tend to squish the rubber foreheads.

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Today's question of the day: squirrel on roller skates

re: food 

@mint oh gosh, I forgot at sundown - Eid mubarak!

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I recently re-activated my ko-fi account to help me through these tough times. You can support me in making art like this there: ko-fi.com/maruki

thank you

I kind of want an Aloha shirt printed with Dymaxion or Waterman-Butterfly map projections.

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who would win:

an entire-ass corporation that still hasn’t released the KH3 OST


one small mint compiling, tagging, and editing 227 songs

acnh, available villager 

Aurora (the Normal penguin girl) is in boxes today on Snaketail if anyone would like to invite her to their island. Let me know and I'll send you a dodo code.

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