Jump in the line
Rock your body in time
Okay, I believe you!

@Crash well, shit, everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around

tired: cosmic horror
wired: cosmic Dora


Today's gender is queerness and the smell of an old book.

The idea that Y2K wasn't actually a big deal because nothing big ended up going down because of it is an *incredibly* dangerous error in thought.

Y2K didn't end up being a big deal because *tens of thousands of programmers* spent *millions of hours* making sure that it wasn't.

@InspectorCaracal "You must subscribe to Logitech DS®️ to activate the microphone in this Logitech™️ webcam."

the Dunning-Krueger effect is what happens when you try to get Freddy to pay a bill

"Drop the bass and put your hands in the air!"

Dubstep rave or police raid on a fishery?

patreon pixel tiny rewards for december 2019 and january 2020!

for @quirk: fireworks and a skiing scene
for @evie: a magic top hat and a birthday cake for her birthday month!

"Don't look for media-approved ideologically sound Right Causes where there are none. Look out of the window instead, and do something about what you see there."

@natecull who needs installers, just use

curl website/script.sh | sudo bash


Streaming in like 15-20 minutes for probably four hours. Strap the fuck in folks we’re getting through KH3 one way or another. twitch.tv/eightbitbuds

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