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@sith_shenanigans Oh, no, I know why it's loading and the answer is "I was the first user on the instance", but I feel bad that nobody else's is.

Hey, @scoots needs about $150 to cover the cost of a nerve test they need and their insurance won't cover. The nerve issue the test is meant to address (as I understand it) causes pain in their back and drawing arm, makes it very difficult to get things done, and measurably reduces their quality of life.

Would you please help out, by donating and/or boosting this post? Their art is beautiful and their commissions are open, if you'd like to get something back for your donation: ko-fi.com/bugpaws

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This is actually urgent.

My phone bill for the year renews in 2 days.

The banks are closed for the next few days, so even if i make the money, i can't put it in my account before it gets withdrawn.

I have $120 on my account, the bill is $180.

Pls help. Having a phone is good, actually.


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If you wanna help us cover this... We are looking at $400 to do a full exam, full panel blood test with extra cost sedation cause she's an old bitch and doesn't like blood tests plus medication and a sub cute fluid for her nausea bc she's been so sick the past few days

$xenocat / Venmo xenocat

She's 13 and I need to make sure she's not getting kidney problems while it's still early enough to easily treat. She's my lil princess and I want her stick around for awhile

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begpost, xmas food 

This is ultimately not as important as some requests for money this week, but I'd like to make xmas dinner this saturday but money is tight

we are low income & my sister has a high risk pregnancy and has lost hundreds of dollars of pay to hospitalizations

I just want to make it low stress for her
venmo @xenocat
cashapp $xenocat

Unless something has changed, there's a link to the Elekk discord in the server messages. PLEASE tell us there if you're having problems posting, uploading files, etc.

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@InspectorCaracal hi Cal! Are you back back or just checking in back?

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Last chance to get to the Halloween discount on commissions! Expires at midnight CST! Use this link or add the code HALLOWEEN at checkout!


If you're interested in , check out Kalymba, an RPG now being funded on Kickstarter. It's beautiful and fascinating, and the first Quickstart just dropped for backers so you can check out how the game is expected to play: kickstarter.com/projects/craft

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Commission sale for Halloween weekend! Valid until 11/02!


Now accepting fullbody and half body commissions! If you want a custom quote, I will manually apply the 15% until the expiry.

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Seminary for the first semester (with initial apartment getting costs put in) would be about $8,000

This is after the tuition grant that the university is giving me.

If I have good grades (as I had bad grades in undergrad due to getting 10 new disabilities while trying to do homework), the tuition grant will increase to it only being $2k a semester.

Also, I'm in the middle of working through the candidacy process for the church to get funds for future semesters that way.

However if any of you would like to help with my costs, feel free to share and talk about me and anything like that.

Money for this would go directly to my savings as to not be mixed up with my other expenses.

I have like.... 3 weeks to see if this is viable. They require my final decision by the 18th.


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#Maille going out of business sale: I am putting down my pliers once and for all, and need to raise $1200 by Oct 31 to avoid a lease default. Prices cut across the board. Pride jewelry, superhero bracelets, necklaces, purses, earrings. On Nov 1, the shop closes.

You know what, please just pay @scoots a living wage to make extremely good art. mastodon.art/@scoots/107041679

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