A tarball is just three files in a trench coat

I'm gonna miss Daldain, but she survived the campaign despite her best effort, and now she gets to go around being a famous performer like she always wanted (and lying in wait for the tarrasque to figure out it can swim). :dnd:

@maloki @Crash I thought it was good! :) Don't want to steal Crash's thunder in the telling, though.

@maloki crossing my fingers that it passes soon for everybody <3

@Crash @maloki I hope you get better soon - you did a remarkable job of playing not-sick this weekend and deserve all the rest.

mavica is a cognitohazard scp that makes you constantly see "unregistered hypercam 2" off the corner of your eyes as long as it's in your field of view

i was 100% sure "kermit with teeth" was something my brain fabricated somehow until this showed up in the google image search

Got my tree already
Hung with ornaments and lights
Gotta finish shopping
Even if it takes all night

Highway to the Manger Zone
Snow will make it white inside the Manger Zone

You know I'd actually not been especially interested in The Mandalorian before this;

Spaghetti Western Trailer for "The Mandalorian" youtu.be/SWJrG3Ua5Kk via @YouTube

"[Projectile] moons: the only known natural predator of the tarrasque."

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