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:weirdfish: Here's a recently-discovered odd critter: a parasite related to jellyfish, Henneguya salminicola, has fewer than 10 cells per organism - and is the only known animal that doesn't need to breathe.

It was discovered by researchers at Tel Aviv University, and apparently has evolved away enormous amounts of its DNA structure - including its mitochondria!

(Plenty of multicellular life is anaerobic, but this is the first anaerobic *animal* we know about.)

aaa, it's Niwri, my :dnd: kobold ranger, as illustrated by @scoots :D :D :D

(marked for eye contact!)

ko-fi designers, you get to choose how wide each element is, why on EARTH would you choose a width that forces your already-short URL to wrap?

(the image is wide on purpose, to illustrate exactly how ridiculous this is)

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