elon musk, pol 

welp, I guess Musk is openly a chud now

Discovered by r_gealga on :birdsite:​ : Raoul Berke reviews Super Mario Bros. in The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal, Summer 1990: sci-hub.tw/10.1525/jung.1.1990

ACNH, I broke Turnip Prophet 

So, uh, lmk if you have good turnip prices this week :blobdizzy:

LB: Please go commission @scoots ! Their art is excellent and they're a good person in a difficult circumstance. I'm attaching some of their art so you can see what they're capable of, and there's more through the link in their toot: mastodon.art/@scoots/104133776

(Images hidden for eye contact)

Purple sea urchins have become unexpectedly valuable in medical research; geneticists are studying the Strongylocentrotus purpuratus genome to help with research into Alzheimer's disease and various cancers!

Like almost all sea urchins, they have tooth analogues, called an "Aristotle's lantern", that grow over their lifetime - and sometimes need to be filed down to preserve the urchins' health and ability to feed, as in this video. :weirdfish:

If you're a fan, you might be familiar with moon jellies! One of the most common of jellyfish, moon jellies nevertheless have some interesting qualities.

Moon jellies have the unusual ability to "cheat death"; they're not immortal like some other species of jellyfish, but they can "de-grow" in lean times, reducing their size so they can survive until food becomes more plentiful.

Also, unusually, they change color depending on what they've eaten recently! :weirdfish:

Check out the peacock mantis shrimp (suggested by @LovesTha - thank you)!

The mantis shrimp has some of the most complex vision on the planet; it can adjust its vision to see a range of different colors - but it can't see more than one color at once!

It also clocks some of the fastest speeds among animals. Its claws are fast enough to leave vacuum bubbles behind that produce sonoluminescence when they collapse!

(Image hidden for arthropod eye contact. :) :weirdfish:


My lil friend the yellow-sac spider who's been cohabitating in my bathroom the last week or two. (There were two, but they tangled a couple days ago and this one came out victorious.) She keeps my house free of marauding bugs, along with a wood-louse spider I've only seen a couple times. Harmless to humans but very helpful.

I like FFXIV but I'm pretty sure some of these NPCs were named via keyboard smashing

I feel bad for saying this, but I can never remember the name of the Technology Connections youtube channel. I just remember it as "the channel with the guy who's a cross between Robbie Rotten and Glenn Shadix".

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