questionable content, spoilers for old comics 

This is either extraordinary planning on Jeph Jacques's part or an astonishing coincidence.

This is the final panel of strip 2262. 741 strips later (3003), Bubbles makes her first appearance. 741 strips after that (3744), Faye and Bubbles admit their feelings for each other and kiss for the first time.

either something's happening in uspol right now or a lot of people are talking about himbos

Ahaha, I'd forgotten about this game. This cover is Peak Nineties. I love it so much.

Impossibly, as soon as I posted this one of my searches came through. It was "Hoo Hoo" (a little boy) and "Spap" (the world's smartest cat), in David King's "Snooky Fudge".

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It took me 18 years to figure out that the picture on the side of the nozzle boxes in Super Mario Sunshine is an abstract portrait of Professor E. Gadd and not some kind of chicken.

I was as ridiculous as possible during tonight's Holiday D&D Monk Battle Royale.

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