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*snicker* cc @InspectorCaracal

(Sweetheart is a sapient dog (a spitz, to be particular). Gavotte is a sapient hive of bees. Chris is a regular guy who likes irradiating things.)

Clearly, Occam's Razor demands that the Canadian flag in this screenshot means that Mountain is really just a Canada ally.

Have a quick and dirty day 3: "Favorite Food", from @mavica 's list:

I'll spoil the joke in the image description. ;)

A simple sketch for day 2, using @mavica 's prompt list ( "time traveler from the 1980s" (in this case, Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor).

I kept this simple because I was working directly in ink and not having an undo/eraser is scary. >_>

(Sensitive for eye contact)

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@alice just sent me this extremely accurate shark diagram and I had to share it with you all :weirdfish:

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