By the way, today's influx of new Mastodon users is brought to you by the news that 13% of :birdsite: 's revenue last year was from selling user data to Cambridge Analytica.

@noelle oh wow, didn't know we had an emote for the bird site, damn.

@noelle Nobody could confirm it to me when asked :/.

@Sylvhem It's apparently why is having trouble right now.

@noelle Oh wow. If that's the case, it means this is a *ot* of new users!

@Sylvhem @noelle "is there a new influx?
- How's doing?"


@noelle Your wording is a little misleading: 13% of their revenue is from selling data, but that includes sales to companies other than Cambridge Analytica as well (CA is probably a minor blip in that figure).

@eishiya I was repeating what I was told. Thank you for the correction.

Wow, just had to search this and it's true. I wonder if there is any indication as to whether they only sold the public data or if they also handed over data from users who had their settings set to followers only.
@noelle Shit I didn't hear about that!!!! That's why I stopped using FB. Welp, time to fully start getting the fuck off bird site. FFS.
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