By the way, today's influx of new Mastodon users is brought to you by the news that 13% of :birdsite: 's revenue last year was from selling user data to Cambridge Analytica.

@noelle oh wow, didn't know we had an emote for the bird site, damn.

@noelle Nobody could confirm it to me when asked :/.

@Sylvhem It's apparently why is having trouble right now.

@noelle Oh wow. If that's the case, it means this is a *ot* of new users!

@Sylvhem @noelle "is there a new influx?
- How's doing?"


@noelle Your wording is a little misleading: 13% of their revenue is from selling data, but that includes sales to companies other than Cambridge Analytica as well (CA is probably a minor blip in that figure).

@eishiya I was repeating what I was told. Thank you for the correction.

@noelle Shit I didn't hear about that!!!! That's why I stopped using FB. Welp, time to fully start getting the fuck off bird site. FFS.
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