One more time:

I'm moving my primary account to . It has been a lovely four years here at Elekk but what I need right now is my own little asteroid in the vast fediverse.

You are welcome to follow me there, but please do so because you're interested in me as a person and not because you think I have influence on Mastodon or the fediverse in general. I'd like to be able to just be me, please.

Also, be aware that I'm not going to be posting there or following anyone for a while - I'm still in my hermitage, I just wanted to let you know what my new plans are.

(Also also, Elekk isn't going anywhere. Just to be clear.)

@noelle which server please, I get a short version of the address which doesn’t work as a link

@Leucrotta @noelle You'll want to get the admins to add to awoo's allow list.


@porsupah @Leucrotta I've requested this but have not heard back; I'm being patient because it's a weekend (and a holiday weekend in the US, at that).

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