I tried to watch Star Trek (2009) on Amazon Prime with ads, and I will be honest: they have just stuck 90 seconds of ads in every X minutes, regardless of whether or not it makes sense to take a break there.

I noped out when they interrupted the destruction of the Kelvin to sell me Reese's Cups.

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@noelle Ugh, I find Pluto TV is guilty of this bullshit too.

They literally don't care because it's not as if there's much in the way of alternatives, it seems.

@Jo @noelle i've found a few TVOD channels that have an advert schedule that makes sense for the most recent episode of a show... and then impose that schedule on whichever episode you play, whether it fits or not

basically ads are just a way of punishing you for not paying the subscription fee

@thamesynne @Jo The worst part is, though, that I actually do pay for Amazon Prime. (I will admit that I didn't bother to tell them when Alex wasn't a student anymore.) Amazon with ads is just terrible!

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